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  1. For the Aerie-Haer'Dalis-PC love triangle, Haer gracefully steps aside though... (or he might not - I rarely romance Aerie )). Edit after reading a game guide: Heh- strike the above... Haer'Dalis will duel with you for Aerie, so I guess he would duel with Anomen (or whoever else) for the PC as well.
  2. Good luck, Domi... and good things come to those who wait. Except the PC in question...
  3. It is a cool edit, but I like my sweet Immy better. Looks like I'll have to grow several layers of evil to play this mod...
  4. The first post in that thread looks rather corrupt (or at least calculating) to me.
  5. I just edited my last post to give you the direct link.
  6. For those ones, the link goes to a non-existing page... but look on the menu at the left and there is a working link for the portraits there. At least, it worked when I tried it! Or just try this link instead. http://delainy.gibberlings3.net/portraits.html I was hoping for amberish eyes myself... so a very, very pale brown with some gold, to indicate her wolf heritage. But green would also be lovely.
  7. Here you are, Kain. Edit: Grr... Try the link if it doesn't work - http://rydia.net/cliffetium/pics/gyrfalconthegray.jpg
  8. It is actually believable that your Bhaalspawn thinks Anomen is wonderful - we all forget that she's had a cloistered lifestyle, with only guards such as Hull or farmers such as Dreppin (?) to admire. Anomen would look great compared to them (and since leaving Candlekeep, she's only met a select few characters who were not out to kill her). I like how you mentioned the other dialogue options, but explained them from Ashara's point of view. Only problem I can see is that it's moving too quickly! The first paragraph contains the entire BG1, and the remnants skip over Imoen's capture and Irenicus' dungeon... but I guess they're not the point of the story. I assume that Jaheira took the lead in BG1 while Ashara followed, thus managing to retain her naivity. Anyway, it's just getting juicy.
  9. That last picture is perfect.
  10. Ouch. Can the airport do anything about it?
  11. Next time, I'll put a SPOILER (of appetite) warning, eh?
  12. Heh - from the text description, I was imagining a thong with the words "INSPECTED BY BOB" emblazoned across the front. The real product seems rather tasteful in comparison.
  13. Hark! Our Prime Minister. I would rather look at Bri's hobo bum than his wee-wee. BTW, I think I'm still in kindergarten, because the word 'wee-wee' makes me snicker.
  14. Shouldn't that be 'Vote for me or else I'll show you my wee-wee?" Many votes guaranteed!
  15. I hate email hoax warnings, but this one is important. Please send this to everyone on your email list ASAP! If a man comes to your front door and says he is conducting a survey, and asks you to show him your bum, DO NOT show him your bum. This is a scam. He only wants to see your bum! I wish I'd got this yesterday!!
  16. Roses are red With oranges they clash Your lips are damn fine So c'mon girl, let's pash! I be that hopeless romantic.
  17. *cries* Immy.. we're not in Candlekeep anymore
  18. Nice... looks like he should be a centrefold in that pose I like the two frames in the background especially.
  19. Dammit, google translated the final line wrong > I said "Have fun!", not "does not have the recreation!" >
  20. J'aime le google traduis parce qu'il m'incite àsembler multilingue! Trop mauvais le four le zork:D n'a pas l'amusement!
  21. I'm sure there's something wrong with that logic, but I can't quite figure out what...
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