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    Games - esp BG, IWD, PST, Fallout, Deus ex. <br />Books - Tend to fantasy and science fiction, a release from life. Like ursula le'guin, gemmell, pratchet etc.<br />Exercise - running, cycling, weights, martial arts etc<br />Music - Sabbath, metallica, clannad, I will listen to most anything, but have a dislike for much modern rap and RnB.<br />Movies - Conan (barbarian), blade, shawshank redemption, dog soldiers, in bruges etc.<br />University - Biochemistry and microbiology, also interested in genetics and cybernetics.<br />Territorial army - Joined the 131st independent commando squadron, royal engineers, supporting the royal marines, on hiatus until I finish my exams.<br />Plants and fish - Have a fish tank with a couple of fish and try to keep as many plants alive as possible in my room.<br />Well that is pretty much me described as a list of what I do.

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  1. @JCompton Yea, I have noticed that a few people tend to contribute on half the mods I've downloaded : ) Thanks for the info, I have a much greater understanding on the working of the IE modding community now (though considering I set today aside to work on my dissertation write up, this is not a good thing : ). @cmorgan Thanks for the info as well, I was looking at once of those links earlier, and bookmarked the SHS mod database. @Modders For my part, thanks for the effort you have put into working on BG, I may not have played in a few years now, but I fully intend to play a game
  2. Thanks for the link, pity about teamBG going down I remember hearing that most of the original large mods were done by them, I can understand the creation of another site to accommodate mods that were not accepted by them. I see why multiple sites were created as well, and I understand why they still exist and for good reason. However I agree with some sentiment on that link you provided that so much more would get done if people would work together *shrug* way life is. I just don't see why the occasional problem would stop people from at least working together enough to make sure all mods
  3. Cool, thanks. BTW, good work on your mods Jcompton. While I may only of joined today, I have been keeping my eyes on and regularly checking the gibberlings and pocketplane sites for a couple of years now. Alot of good work has been put into these mods. Edit -> Considering how closely related gibberlings and pocketplane are (as well as all the others), how come they have not been combined? If not the sites, then at least the mod locations so that all the databases are complete and up to date?
  4. So does the modlist currently contain all the up-to-date mods for BG-IWD-PST out their? If so that is pretty cool, the thought of browsing the pocket plane, gibberlings, spellhold, sorcerer's, black wyrm and mystra's sites for compatible and up to date mods was a bit off putting.
  5. So this is 30 years on, making the bhaalspawn about 45-50 if s/he is even still alive, So they can't be the main character (Which you have said). So I would guess that you get to play their child? Age is about right, 5 or 10 years after giving up godhood, the bhaalspawn would have a child making it 20-25. Or if you went for the Aerie romance, she was pregnant by the end of the game. (Which confused me no end the first time I played BG2, no idea how it happened.)
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