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  1. Merry Christmas BigRob as well as to all the loyal Aklon followers I Hope everyone is blessed with a warm, safe, and cozy holiday.
  2. I believe that Akon will well be worth wait. The fact that you yourself, (BigRob), have not given up on Aklon, speaks to your character, both your characters I look forward to how his story unwinds . . . I can provide testimony to good things taking time . . . May moons ago I started writing a fanfic about Aklon. I was only able to go so far given I don’t yet know all his story, but it added and fueled to my anticipation. So steady on my friend, steady on! 🖍
  3. Hey there! Am I too late to the Lurkers Party?? Good things are worth waiting for Rob, so you should expect a healthy group of Lurkers Thank you for providing a silver lining for all this virus sheltering . . . my thanks to Aklon too
  4. Real life does put a damper on things. But glad to know you are still plugging along. Hope you backed up all your hard work before your hard-drive started to die. When you find you need a pick-me for you, or your muses, just whistle. Glad to be of help. CelticRose P.S. Lá Fhéile Pádraig (Happy St Patrick's Day) :p
  5. LOL, no, I know, I shouldn't laugh, really I am not laughing at your misery, but the idea of nauseated muses in a sugar induced coma is not a pretty sight. Kinda like drunk fairies or brownies . . . oh my, what a mess! In all honest empathy Yuwakusha, I hope you are recovered. Maybe next time, chicken soup? Thanks for the input on the gender of muses C.R.
  6. Okay, here's a question . . . Are muses female or male? I ask because chocolate almost always works on females. (I can say this because I am one, and it definitely works on me; okay, I am not a muse, but I have the female part down pat, ) I have heard a rumor that muses like honey, so if chocolate is out, honey cake? Either way, here's hoping that BigRob can tame RL and charm his muses!
  7. The Flu? Or the [cough-cough], flu?? Here's hoping you get some good solid time to devote to your writing without a fever, chills, or nausea . . . although you are writing for Edwin CelticRose
  8. Quietly visits site to see if there has been any mention of progress . . . then leaves a bowl of milk & honey soaked bread for muses. Oh, and some cookies for BigRob. C.R.
  9. With all the numerous name generators online, and other name references available, why on earth would someone choose a name so close to BibRob's character. Silly person. Maybe he is from Ohio . . . not that Ohio is silly, but . . . ya know, Akron, Ohio. Never mind . . . [Go ahead and groan everyone, it is just my strange sense of humor] C.R.
  10. Any progress is good progress! I bet the banters with ol' Edwin are pretty good. It will be interesting to see Aklon deal with Edwin. I feel confident that Aklon will have no trouble holding his own with the "All Sarcastic, I mean, Superior One." Glad to hear your computer woes are settling down, and even happier to hear you are making good speed. Keep up the good work and may the muses camp out at your doorstep, or better yet, move on in to your home! What's a few more mouths to feed? Cookies, anyone? Or do they make a "muse-chow" ?? CelticRose
  11. A good example for always backing up your work . . . I have an external hard drive that automatically backs up for me. (I love my Mac )I would be lost without it. Glad to hear that your work was not lost! CelticRose
  12. Good luck with the Edwin banters, (we all know how long-winded he can get ) And if a person could be assassinated for tardiness, well, there wouldn't be many people left around now would there Keep up the hard work! CR P.S. Love your quip in the footnotes/post script of your post about the 3 different categories of animals in Australia . . . snicker.
  13. Music and some refreshments to better deal with RL commitments and to encourage your muse. Write On! (sorry about the pun . . . it's been a long week )
  14. Ooooooh, wouldn't that be lovely?? (What do you think? Is our hint too subtle?) CelticRose
  15. Thank-you for the update . . . my fingers are crossed
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