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  1. Edinburgh Wrath is still my favorite.... But then again... I don't drink.
  2. Now that's a great idea. We'll have several people there to help too, that way I won't take all the blame.
  3. Maybe he'll try another color then?
  4. Just like Alarielle said, you're committed now! If I don't see Ding0's green and Seif's blue hair while I'm there, this trip isn't going to be the same. So, Sim, should we reserve a bunk at the brothel... *cough* I mean hostel! *cough*
  5. Does that mean that the Ding0 is coming too?
  6. Me either, Alar. I'll be ringing you soon! You want an hour...? Sheesh! Oh, wait, I get it... you need time to hide all the girls!
  7. Plans they are a changing and I'm coming out a lot sooner than June. Hope you'all can handle me invading the UK.
  8. Andy is right, I'm a red-blooded American gal, but what I would give to have any kind of accent. As for my trip to your fair isle, all I need is my passport and I'm there, which I am going to go and start processing today.
  9. It's around the second week of June 2005. At least that's when I plan to gather a few of these merry men (AND ALARIELLE ) around the pub for a few rounds.
  10. g'lain

    Aklon's Portrait

    I really liked the first portrait Rob, but the second is outstanding! Good job!
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