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  1. Mongoose87


    Great work! I'd so be downloading this if I could find my discs.
  2. Two questions: Are the kits ready? and Will they be released ahead of the rest of the massive project?
  3. Huzzah to you steadfast modders
  4. Man, the finish for this mod is expected to be in something like two years. Fortunately, soon is subjective. Seriously, this is a huge mod.
  5. You can always wait the excuciatingly long amount of tiem it's going to take to finish GemRB, and then mod that for this...
  6. Perhaps is a program made to immitate a person who makes the mods, effectively taking both unecessary element of work and creativeity out of the cycle of modding.
  7. I don't know whether this is lazy, or inovative...
  8. Mongoose87


    YOu'd be surprised how long people are willing to wait for these things. Only so often does a game with such loyal fan following as BGII come around.
  9. I have to admit I voted that way as well...
  10. But don't let skeptisism spoil the dream! The dream of hilarity!
  11. There is nothing degrading about hilarity!
  12. The dance move didn't even get him! He was perfect, btu then accidentalyl admitted to his drunkeness. Nothing to do with her training.
  13. No offense to females, but thatwas notcreativity, she was jsut lucky the drunk guy was drunk enough to act drunk without losing his co-ordination. Shear dumb luck, and dumb unluck on his part.
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