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  1. I got it to work after a clean install and exporting the spells again using NI.
  2. Lundar I don’t know. I don’t use Bootcamp. I stick to MacOS.
  3. DrAzTiK - Looks like Ascension v15 Beta. K4thos - I didn't think it was related to EET. I was just trying to give as much info about my install to narrow things down. I tried the fix in the Beamdog post, like I mentioned, but I will try again. I exported from a backup of a clean install. I'll try downloading a new version of BG2EE and export the spells to see if that works.
  4. After testing with various mods in the mod install order the error appears to be related to ascension.
  5. I am getting the following error while installing as part of EET on SoD 2.3 and BG2EE 2.5. I ran the Big World Fixpack prior to installing. ERROR: Failure("SPIN920.SPL: read out of bounds") I tried the fix suggested on Beamdog about exporting spells via NI and then placing into /override. I still got the same error. Install order: BGEE SoD BGIIEE BG1NPC BG1NPC Music BG1 NPCs BG1 Unfinished Business *all EET Ascension BGE Mini Quests and Encounters *all Questpack Sirene’s Call Assassinations Back to Brynnlaw Amber Angelo Isra Keto de’Arnise Romance Banter Pack Crossmod Banter Item
  6. I have been attempting to install on SoD 2.3 and BG2EE 2.5 as part of an EET install. I ran the Big World Fixpack. I get the following error on install: WeiDU v 24600 Log ./setup-crossmodbg2 [./chitin.key] loaded, 1159302 bytes [./chitin.key] 278 BIFFs, 82222 resources [./bgforge.ini] loaded, 53 bytes [./engine.lua] loaded, 109 bytes [./weidu.conf] loaded, 17 bytes [./lang/en_us/dialog.tlk] loaded, 30016467 bytes [./lang/en_us/dialog.tlk] 326388 string entries [CROSSMODBG2/SETUP-CROSSMODBG2.TP2] LEXER ERROR at line 86 column 1-48 Near Text: ~ invalid character [~] HINT: Don't use MS
  7. K4thos, Thanks for the quick fix. Worked for me. I tried both using the standard MacOS setup-EET.command and using Subtledoctor's Mac WeiDU Launcher. Both methods worked. I will now try to install some other mods and then complete the EET install.
  8. K4thos, echo $(uname -m) returned: x86_64 I installed into the default folders suggested by Beamdog which are: ​SoD: /Users/xxxx/Applications/Beamdog/00806/Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition.app (with Windows executable of: SiegeOfDragonspear.exe) BG2EE: /Users/xxxx/Applications/Beamdog/00783/BaldursGateIIEnhancedEdition.app (with Windows executable of: Baldur.exe) Path would look like this terminal: chmod +x /Users/xxxx/Applications/Beamdog/00783/EET/bin/osx/ffmpeg Also, I am using subltedoctor's Mac WEIDU Launcher.app to install Windows versions of mods. It works much easier than
  9. Yes SoD is from Beamdog and has BG1 attached. As far as no drive letter it is because I am on MacOS. I have installed 9.2f about a dozen times over the last week with no issue trying to get various mods to work since the forums were down and I couldn't search for some of the fixes. Anyhow, just tested again with 9.2f and it installed without issue. Tried again with RC10 and it failed.
  10. I am trying to install with the new beta version of EET using SoD 2.3 and BG2EE 2.5 and got the following error: WeiDU v 24600 Log ./setup-EET [./chitin.key] loaded, 877618 bytes [./chitin.key] 189 BIFFs, 62285 resources [./engine.lua] loaded, 104 bytes [./weidu.conf] loaded, 17 bytes [./lang/en_us/dialog.tlk] loaded, 11630279 bytes [./lang/en_us/dialog.tlk] 103241 string entries Choose your language: 0 [English] 1 [Polski (Polish)] 2 [spanish] Using Language [English] [English] has 6 top-level TRA files [EET/lang/en_US/prompts.tra] has 56 translation strings [EET/lang/en_US/setup
  11. I encountered the same problem trying to install as part of an EET install using current release of DR, weidu 246, SoD 2.3, and BG2EE 2.5. DR would install with no errors, but no kits at character creation screen (kits from song and silence and other mods did show). Like the OP the kits showed up in EEKeeper. I added Priest of Cyric kit to a cleric/thief multi class. It seemed to add the kit abilities, but still said cleric/thief in game vs thief/priest of cyric (whatever).
  12. Should I be using the beta or retail releases of SoD and BG2EE?
  13. I havent been keeping up with all of the ins and outs of the mod community. I have been trying to do a fresh install on my MacBook Pro with a few mods including EET, SR, DR, SCS, etc. I have been runn8ng into several errors. It has been suggested the reason is because the two games are out of sync or 2.5 is causing issues. So, should I be using beta or retail versions? Will it work if I have SoD 2.3 and BG2EE 2.5? Just trying to figure out the best way to proceed with the games in their current release states.
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