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  1. On 6/3/2019 at 2:39 PM, K4thos said:

    edit: of course if you install EET you don't have to worry about this. 

    Thanks for checking the  .SPL in the game files. I would love to do a full EET install, but I don't have SoD, which is a requirement. 😕

    Edit: Thanks to CamDawg in the Beamdog forums, I found the link to the HLA Mod for BG1:EE. You may also want the accompanying Level 40 Rules Tables too, if you don't have any other mods (like DR or RR) which add those class progression tables.

    Edit 2: Ok I just tested installing the HLA Mod on Patch 2.5, and I noticed two things:

    1) You don't need a modified UI.MENU for the HLA selection screen in BG:EE. The game will still allow you to use the +/- buttons on blank abilities, so your game won't get stuck.

    2) The HLA mod fills in those missing .SPL files for the HLAs so their icons and descriptions will appear in the HLA selection screen. All the abilities seem to be working fine, except the HLA traps ("Set Spike Trap", "Set Exploding Trap", and "Set Time Trap") which seem to do nothing after they are set.

    Will continue testing and see if I can get the HLA traps to work. Thanks again everyone! ;)

  2. Hey K4thos, thanks the quick reply.

    I believe Lefreut's Enhanced UI already contains a patched UI.MENU with HLA selector, so really all that's needed should be the HLA tables themselves.

    But I understand if that's outside of scope. If I wanted to manually do it, could I take the  "LU***.2DA" from BG2:EE and put them in the override folder for BG1:EE?

  3. Hi, first off big thanks @K4thos for maintaining this mod.

    I was wondering is it possible to add HLA tables to the "Total XP CAP" component? (This is mainly for BG1:EE only installs using EET Mod Setup.)

    Under the readme,  there's no mention for editing the "LU***.2DA" for each class.


    Simply adjusts whole game XP CAP via editing XPCAP.2DA, XPLEVEL.2DA and STARTARE.2DA (if exists) files.

    Available options:

        2,950,000 (BG2 without expansion XP CAP)
        8,000,000 (BG2:EE XP CAP - default)
        Disable XP CAP
        Custom value (type in integer value)

    Solaufein made a mod a while ago that added level 40 HLA tables (but the link is broken).

    If you'd like to use that, I could try asking around the Beamdog forums if someone has a copy. Otherwise maybe just pull the HLA tables from BG2:EE as baseline?

  4. The file that contains all this information is kitlist.2da. To familiarise yourself with some of the commands you might want to use, here's an example of how you could make sure all kit names in the LOWER column are in lowercase:


    COPY_EXISTING ~kitlist.2da~ ~override~
     COUNT_2DA_COLS num_cols
     READ_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW ~r2en_kitlist~ num_cols
     FOR (i = 0; i < r2en_kitlist; i += 1) BEGIN // for each row
    READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER ~r2en_kitlist~ i 2 lower_strref // read from LOWER column
    PATCH_IF (IS_AN_INT lower_strref) BEGIN
      GET_STRREF lower_strref lower // get string associated with this strref
      TO_LOWER lower // make string lowercase
      INNER_PATCH ~0~ BEGIN // add our new string to dialog.tlk if it's not there already and retrieve its strref
    	REPLACE ~0~ ~%lower%~
    	READ_2DA_ENTRY 0 0 1 lower_strref
      SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER ~s2el_kitlist~ i 2 lower_strref // write new strref to file
     SET_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW ~s2el_kitlist~ num_cols // finalise all of our S2EL
     // make the file look nice


    To correct the kit descriptions, you may wish to read from the ROWNAME column to determine the kit, then write a completely new description on top of the old HELP entry. It'd probably be safest to do this using the INNER_PATCH/REPLACE + S2EL method as above.


    Wow thanks a lot for writing that snippet of code! So if I that code block as a tp2 file and run it with WeiDU.exe it should replace all the relevant lines in the dialog.tlk? I'm guessing thats much cleaner than going into the dialog.tlk directly. Thanks a lot Mike!

  5. Hi I have a small question with regards to changing kit names and descriptions.


    After having installed some kit packages, I noticed some errors in the 'lower', 'mixed', and 'help' strings which are assigned to some kits:


    For example, I would like to change the 'lower' name from 'Bladesinger' to 'bladesinger' so it appears correctly on the Kit Selection screen. Which file would I edit to do this?


    Sometimes the 'help' descriptions list incorrect abilities or requirements, how would I change those descriptions so the help text appears correctly on the kit selection screen?


    Thanks a lot, and great guide :blush:


    PS. I want to edit the game files directly, rather than editing tp2 and reinstalling because I would have to redo a 6 hour BWP install, which hopefully I can avoid.

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