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  1. Thanks for checking the .SPL in the game files. I would love to do a full EET install, but I don't have SoD, which is a requirement. Edit: Thanks to CamDawg in the Beamdog forums, I found the link to the HLA Mod for BG1:EE. You may also want the accompanying Level 40 Rules Tables too, if you don't have any other mods (like DR or RR) which add those class progression tables. Edit 2: Ok I just tested installing the HLA Mod on Patch 2.5, and I noticed two things: 1) You don't need a modified UI.MENU for the HLA selection screen in BG:EE. The game will still allow you to use the
  2. Hey K4thos, thanks the quick reply. I believe Lefreut's Enhanced UI already contains a patched UI.MENU with HLA selector, so really all that's needed should be the HLA tables themselves. But I understand if that's outside of scope. If I wanted to manually do it, could I take the "LU***.2DA" from BG2:EE and put them in the override folder for BG1:EE?
  3. With EE Mod Setup, you can install EET Tweaks without having BG2:EE installed (BG1:EE stand-alone mode). Since afaik BG1EE doesn't come with HLA tables, removing the XP cap would require the "LU***.2DA"s to be updated for access to HLAs in the BG1, right?
  4. Hi, first off big thanks @K4thos for maintaining this mod. I was wondering is it possible to add HLA tables to the "Total XP CAP" component? (This is mainly for BG1:EE only installs using EET Mod Setup.) Under the readme, there's no mention for editing the "LU***.2DA" for each class. Solaufein made a mod a while ago that added level 40 HLA tables (but the link is broken). If you'd like to use that, I could try asking around the Beamdog forums if someone has a copy. Otherwise maybe just pull the HLA tables from BG2:EE as baseline?
  5. Wow thanks a lot for writing that snippet of code! So if I that code block as a tp2 file and run it with WeiDU.exe it should replace all the relevant lines in the dialog.tlk? I'm guessing thats much cleaner than going into the dialog.tlk directly. Thanks a lot Mike!
  6. Hi I have a small question with regards to changing kit names and descriptions. After having installed some kit packages, I noticed some errors in the 'lower', 'mixed', and 'help' strings which are assigned to some kits: For example, I would like to change the 'lower' name from 'Bladesinger' to 'bladesinger' so it appears correctly on the Kit Selection screen. Which file would I edit to do this? Sometimes the 'help' descriptions list incorrect abilities or requirements, how would I change those descriptions so the help text appears correctly on the kit selection screen? Thanks
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