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  1. I've been here since damn close to the beginning. It's been a while, but didn't this start on another site? If so, that's when I started watching this one. If not, then I followed some other mod over here, and then started watching. And I still pop in from time to time.
  2. I really haven't had a chance to work on the two guys for a while. I'm still gonna work on 'em, but I just haven't had the time lately. Just figured I"d let you guys know.
  3. I haven't seen many Necromancers or Barbarians either. Wait, wasn't someone here working on those... EDIT: Guilted into writing a short Reywind/Edwin Banter. Brings the total to 3!
  4. Yeah, I'm still here, but I've been pretty busy with school and work. I'll try to get some dialogues written at some point, probably on a weekend. I'll try for 2 banters for bioware NPCs and 5 between the two, and a few chit chat banters with the PC.
  5. Well, have a happy enough birthday as can be, given the circumstances.
  6. Class- Level 2 Bard (I adapt easily, know everything about what I do) Alignment- True Neutral (I just don't care. I like to think I'm good, but I know I wouldn't help out anyone in trouble.) Stats: Strength: 6 (I'm very weak) Dexterity: 4 (Don't expect anything accurate about me. I am frightneningly flexible though. I can lick my elbow, fit my legs behind my head, etc. at six feet tall. Constitution: 6 (I'm so out of shape Intelligence: 10 (Not the brightest light... I'm not very smart) Wisdom: 3 (Incredibly naive) Charisma: 1 (I'd go lower, but according to 3E rules, I'd go unconscious. I'm depressive, I mutter, I mumble, I probably smell, and I'm just not a very nice person)
  7. I've got six, so if anybody else wants some...
  8. I like to make sure which way I'm going. At least I have a base before I get lost.
  9. If Reywind and/or Thoguk ever see the light of day, rest assured that they're in. Added
  10. If what you say is true, then we must watch out for every 'zig'.
  11. Hooray!!!!111! Wait. Why do I care, I only come out of lurking once every few months to drop some dialogue and then retreat to the shadows very quickly. Like so...
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