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  1. I've been here since damn close to the beginning. It's been a while, but didn't this start on another site? If so, that's when I started watching this one. If not, then I followed some other mod over here, and then started watching. And I still pop in from time to time.
  2. Heh heh heh. The craziest we get around here is DnD night on Thursdays, and oh boy, you better watch out. Sometimes we say naughty words! *sigh* I hate Iowa so very much.
  3. Yeah, but then I'd have to quit my job, and I'd have to hire a servant to feed me, and in the end I'd probably lose a lot of money. And sleep. Seriously, though, I'm probably gonna learn it this summer. I'm taking C++ right now, and I don't really want to teach myself 2 programming languages at the same time.
  4. Yeah, I'm just gonna stick with a human. He is a good guy, after all. Also, I've got the first two dialogues done! EDIT: And it only took me about an hour! I've got Eddie, the necro, and Jaheira in a banter, and Minsc and Yeddie (The ogre) with a sorta banter, that turned into a huge dialogue.
  5. Just realized that only humans can be Necromancers. So... I suppose that's a neutral good human sorceror to chalk up, and I've got some dialogues planned for him, and I think I even have a quest idea. I think I'm also going with the dumb ogre cliche. I've got one banter (if it can even be called that) planned, and I'm gonna start writing pretty soon). Just out of curiosity, am I going to need to code this, or can I just send it to one of you guys?
  6. Okay, I haven't started work, yet, but I have a plan for 2 NPCs. One's going to be a good aligned Necromancer, but I haven't decided on the race yet. The other is the half-ogre, though I haven't decided wheter I want him to be stupid or smart. What do you guys think/want? What race for the necromancer? What intelligence for the Ogre?
  7. I'll see how writing goes for Stinky_ogre(name pending ) I may be interested in writing for a good necromancer, if no one else wants to.
  8. So, I can't have my elven cleric who's lost his memory? Nah, how about a half-ogre barbarian? I think I could get something going with that...
  9. I'd love to write an NPC for this project. Any kind of NPC's you're looking for?
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