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  1. I have the same issue with Imoen in my current setup (EasyTUTU) and the only difference from my previous (working without any issues) one is SCS v.30 instead of SCS v.21 so I presume it's indeed a SCS' v.30 fault. I ended up with modifying her proficiencies/skills via ShadowKeeper.
  2. @Jarno Mikkola: I see your point, thanks! But then that doesn't explain why Dynaheir can't learn Mage Armor (Conjuration), Cloudkill (Conjuration) prohibited for Enchanters, Chromatic Orb (now, with SR, an Alteration spell) also not available for Enchanters, Battering Ram (Evocation) - for Abjurers, Stinking Cloud and Web (both now Conjuration instead of Evocation) still a no go for Enchanters...
  3. I don't see that as a bugs but rather as some inconsistency - in my current run I joined Dynaheir and tried to learn some spell with her. As an Invoker she should be prohibited from learning Conjuration and Enchantment/Charm spells. So far she is unable to learn Armor (Conjuration) but can learn Grease (Conjuration), Monster Summoning I (Conjuration), Obscuring Mist (Conjuration). I've checked with NearInfinity all the spell scrolls of Conjuration and Enchantment/Charm schools for their 'availability' for Invokers and the following spells seems broken: - Dispel Magic (Mage version, _SCRL1E.ITM) - Abjuration (un-flagged for all specialist mages, Transmuters should be prohibited) - Flame Arrow (_SCRL1F.ITM) - Conjuration (Only flagged for Diviners) - Monster Summoning III (_SCRL1L.ITM) - Conjuration (Only flagged for Diviners) - Dimension Jump (_SCRL1V.ITM) - Conjuration (Only flagged for Diviners) - Monster Summoning II (_SCRL2A.ITM) - Conjuration (Only flagged for Diviners) - Cloudkill (_SCRL2E.ITM) - Conjuration (erroneously flagged for Enchanters) - Monster Summoning V (_SCRL2G.ITM) - Conjuration (Only flagged for Diviners) - Grease (_SCRL66.ITM) - Conjuration (Only flagged for Diviners) - Mage Armor (_SCRL67.ITM) - Conjuration (Only flagged for Diviners but for whatever reason Dynaheir still unable to learn it) - Obscuring Mist (_SCRL71.ITM) - Conjuration (Only flagged for Diviners) - Monster Summoning I (_SCRL72.ITM) - Conjuration (Only flagged for Diviners) - Chromatic Orb (_SCRL83.ITM) - Alteration (flagged for Enchanters, should be Abjurers) - Battering Ram (_SCRL91.ITM) - Evocation (flagged for Abjurers, should be Enchanters) - Melf's Acid Arrow (_SCRL95.ITM) - Conjuration (Only flagged for Diviners) - Stinking Cloud (_SCRL97.ITM) - Conjuration (flagged for Enchanters, should be Diviners & Invokers but Dynaheir already know it) - Web (_SCRL99.ITM) - Conjuration (flagged for Enchanters, should be Diviners & Invokers)
  4. Yes, I have my PC's appearance as L_Dwarf_Mage (vanilla BG1 character animation from Infinity Animations and the main reason I'm using this mod). Changing it to Dwarf_Mage indeed solved the problem (thanks for the tip!) but I'm not going to stop using IA (I would rather not use SR Magical Stone spell, sorry, Demi...). @ALIENQuake: Sorry for derailing this thread but I have similar setup for BG2: in which I mostly finished a completionist no-reload run without any issues (the only differences of it from my current setup are sans-SR and only base IA - mainly restored BG1 character animations). I'm using Tutu+SCS v.21+IA for years without problems and even though I've bought both BGEE and BG2EE I don't find them visually appealing... Sorry again if I post in the wrong place, seems I'm doomed to stick with what I have.
  5. I don't know if this is a bug, connected to SR but every time I try to cast Magical Stone spell I got CTD with error message: "An Assertion failed in ObjAnimation.cpp at line number 23846" Expression: bAttackProb[0] == FALSE && bAttackProb[1] ==FALSE && bAttackProb[2] ==FALSE Message: (null) my WeiDU log:
  6. I have no personal experience but aren't you able to cast this spell again if/when your first Familiar dies? Yes, and no. You get a permanent -1 CON penalty if your familiar dies. Everyone and their mother would re-load there imo. Unless you are on the no-reload run...
  7. I have no personal experience but aren't you able to cast this spell again if/when your first Familiar dies?
  8. Let me know how it works out. I'd actually prefer if this bug was my doing, since I'd knew what I did wrong. I know for certain I had the same bug a few times, but only on non-Fixpack installs. I put those 4 files (IPLOT01K.ITM, IPLOT04G.ITM, IPLOT04H.ITM, IPLOT04I.ITM) from the link you provided into override folder and everything installed flawlessly, thanks! The new no-reload run is near, just some more aTweaks and we are ready.
  9. @kreso Thanks! Will try tomorrow. One more question: should I install "More consistent Breach" component from SCS? How it interact with SR? And what about other Spell tweaks from SCS?
  10. I've tried your tip and SR installed flawlessly, thanks! Unfortunately, I've failed to install your Revised SCS. I've tried to copy weidu.exe into game directory and run stratagems.bat. It opened Command Prompt window, asked me how I would like to install the components, created setup-stratagems_autoinstall.exe, opened another window, where I choose which components to install and in the end got an error. I also tried to copy setup-stratagems.tp2 into main game directory, renamed weidu.exe into setup-stratagems.exe, run it and soon got the same error: // ... Appended text to [stratagems_external/workspace/item_stats.2da] [./override/IOTYUGH.ITM] loaded, 362 bytes [./override/IPLAT01.ITM] loaded, 498 bytes [./override/IPLOT01K.ITM] loaded, 0 bytes ERROR: illegal 4-byte read from offset 106 of 0-byte file IPLOT01K.ITM ERROR: [iPLOT01K.ITM] -> [override/IPLOT01K.ITM] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("IPLOT01K.ITM: read out of bounds (GET_OFFSET_ARRAY)")) Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [initialise mod (all other components require this)], rolling back to previous state Unable to Unlink [stratagems_external/backup/stratagems/1000/OTHER.1000]: Unix.Unix_error(1, "unlink", "stratagems_external/backup/stratagems/1000/OTHER.1000") [stratagems_external/backup/stratagems/1000/UNSETSTR.1000] SET_STRING uninstall info not found Will uninstall 37 files for [sTRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2] component 1000. ... // Full debug file is here. BTW, did you modified this version or vanilla SCS v.30? If the latter maybe this is the case?
  11. Hi, Demi! I'm going to finally try your latest SR v4/ beta 13 with Kreso's Revised SCS. But whilst installing it on latest EasyTuTu I've got multiple warnings. Something like this (full debug file is here): WARNING: no effects added to SPPR307.SPL [./override/SPPR308.SPL] loaded, 538 bytes WARNING: no effects added to SPPR308.SPL [./override/SPPR309.SPL] loaded, 586 bytes WARNING: no effects added to SPPR309.SPL [./override/SPPR309D.SPL] loaded, 346 bytes etc. Should I worry about that?
  12. Did you had installed v.30 on BG1Tutu in the past or previous version? Cos I have the same problem and therefore stick with v.21. You might try to run setup stratagems (not setup stratagems autoinstall). And also check this as there is version with all current fixes applied.
  13. I assume you had the Flail of Ages by the time you reached the druid grove, were you hitting them with that? It's intentional that a troll who takes fire/acid damage in the round before dying will not become a "downed troll" who requires finishing off. I don't quite understand this statement... Does that means that in that case (if they take fire/acid damage in the round before dying) they need not to be finished after being *downed* and die instantly? Or if you hit them with FoA all the way (and they took those fire/acid damage each round) they will became *immortal* and could not be finished (as they will not become a *downed trolls* who requires finishing off)? If the former then they should not be a threat if fought with FoA (and this is not true at least in my current walkthough as I have experienced an *immortal* Snow Troll in the Planar Sphere whom I have fought all alone and only with FoA). If the latter then it seems a bit strange to me... From my point of view the developers put FoA in De'Arnise Keep intentionally as the tool to *fight* the trolls who occupied it, not only to *finish* them off after smashing them down with some other weapon. So the questions - which assumption is true and whose was that intention?
  14. The poison bug is fixed in one of the latest version of ToBEx. Just replace the redistributable, shipped with SCS, and reinstall SCS. I.e. download the latest ToBEx (v0.26), in the game directory find scsii folder and within it find TobEx_redist folder, delete it and replace with the same folder from downloaded archive. Then reinstall SCS2.
  15. I have the same problem with installing stratagems v.28 on EasyTuTu and stick with v.21 at the moment. And I've made the whole *completionist* walkthrough of the trilogy with v.21 and some more mods without any issues.
  16. Just tried. Don't have "stratagems/initial/bg1fix.tph", only bg1fix.tpa. Edited it (with both %tutuscripta%varicem and %tutuscript%avaricem) and got: ERROR: Failure("You are trying to edit %tutuscripta%varicem.CRE (or %tutuscript%avaricem.CRE), which does not exist in the game"). edit: Made it work by editing the string that way (with NearInfinity found out that Avarice's creature file name in EasyTutu is _varicem.CRE in override folder): LAF edit_creature STR_VAR creature=_varicem editstring="class=>THIEF" END Think it only applicable for EasyTutu and I don't know how to do that to be *universal*. edit2: With *Initialise* component being installed immediately got next error while installing *Standardise spells between BG and BG2 (TUTU, BGT)*: ERROR: Failure("resource [inn3351.sto] not found for 'COPY' "). Think those *different naming conventions* are to blame here (and with further components) as well.
  17. @DavidW He is trying to install latest SCS v28 on EasyTutu which is failed. I so far have the same problem (fresh install + Infinity Animations): http://i868.photobuc...r/scs28-log.png Looks like something wrong with avaricem.CRE file.
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