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  1. I've tried your tip and SR installed flawlessly, thanks! Unfortunately, I've failed to install your Revised SCS. I've tried to copy weidu.exe into game directory and run stratagems.bat. It opened Command Prompt window, asked me how I would like to install the components, created setup-stratagems_autoinstall.exe, opened another window, where I choose which components to install and in the end got an error. I also tried to copy setup-stratagems.tp2 into main game directory, renamed weidu.exe into setup-stratagems.exe, run it and soon got the same error: // ... Appended text to [stratagem
  2. Hi, Demi! I'm going to finally try your latest SR v4/ beta 13 with Kreso's Revised SCS. But whilst installing it on latest EasyTuTu I've got multiple warnings. Something like this (full debug file is here): WARNING: no effects added to SPPR307.SPL [./override/SPPR308.SPL] loaded, 538 bytes WARNING: no effects added to SPPR308.SPL [./override/SPPR309.SPL] loaded, 586 bytes WARNING: no effects added to SPPR309.SPL [./override/SPPR309D.SPL] loaded, 346 bytes etc. Should I worry about that?
  3. I assume you had the Flail of Ages by the time you reached the druid grove, were you hitting them with that? It's intentional that a troll who takes fire/acid damage in the round before dying will not become a "downed troll" who requires finishing off. I don't quite understand this statement... Does that means that in that case (if they take fire/acid damage in the round before dying) they need not to be finished after being *downed* and die instantly? Or if you hit them with FoA all the way (and they took those fire/acid damage each round) they will became *immortal* and could not be fin
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