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  1. Just to check the basics: Do you have the correct address? http://forums.pocketplane.net/ - D
  2. Right. Whatever bonus was removed is restored (in my game). Been a while since I coded that little bit up... hehe. - D
  3. You can think whatever you want. I want my Arrows of Fire (and Ice) to have a +2 THAC0 bonus. My fixpack for the Fixpack also restores the AC bonus to the Ring of Earth Control. So... Ha! :) - D
  4. I *HATE* this fix! hehe. Just kidding. One subject not covered above: Fixpack Fixpacks What is a fixpack fixpack? It's a fixpack written to fix things that a fixpack breaks, of course. For example, I authored a fixpack that restores the THAC0 bonus to the Arrows of Fire that the BG2 Fixpack erroneously removes and then adds an equal THAC0 bonus to the Arrows of Ice. Whenever I install a new version of the BG2 Fixpack, I simply rerun my fixpack for the Fixpack instead of hunting down and commenting out sections of code in the new tp2. - D EDIT: Grammar, Spelling
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