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  1. Demiurgus, just a suggestion. But it's up to you if you wish to welcome it or not. Release a pre-definitive version to be added into BWS. It doesn't matter which or what, but I'm pretty sure that people are still using old revision of IR and SR with BWS. I know you said more than once, that the new beta versions are many step ahead compared to the old versions. So I guess that this would be a good time to release them. I can definitely understand Salk's impatience because this is ending like that IR v3, from what I've gathered by reading the old topics: and I do use the beta version so I couldn't also care about users out there. Well, up to you. Just a provocative thought.
  2. I don't agree with khazgaroth being usable only one time a day. Why don't you make it a permanent effect and put a really high cost (or maybe, when you will get a store revision, put it on a boss or whatever)? It would be way better. Beside, having to click three times 'rest' just to use it is annoying.
  3. We need a definitive version so Alien can update BWS and I can start playing *.* Together with waiting for Crevs daak Multiclasser beta
  4. Scourge

    Koveras' Ring

    I don't understand your point of the paladin player unable to use 'this custom version' of the ring. What's the matter?
  5. Scourge

    Koveras' Ring

    but this is Dakk's point: you don't just need this ring to be something an assassin would use. You need it to be something Gorion might credibly give the Charname. So you need a generic benefit for the item, that's good enough to keep it in your possession in late BG1; and separately, it needs to have some identifying characteristic that some people, but not Charname, will recognize as belonging to the Shadow Thieves. The abilities granted by the ring do NOT have to be that identifying characteristic. Just add a sentence in the lore about an odd symbol that you don't recognize inside the band. For the assassins themselves, a generic bonus that's useful to all classes is fine to use, as long as the ring identifiably belongs to the Shadow Thieves so they can kill anyone else they find wearing one... agree 101%
  6. Scourge

    Koveras' Ring

    that ring belongs to one of the nobles and is used as a proof for the murder of sarevok's father. It seems strange to me that a noble, especially sarevok's father would have a cursed item.
  7. MAy I ask what happened? The last eta was given three weeks ago
  8. Personally, I'd simply tweak Melissan to have a "permanent Haste" effect on herself (there are characters in BG1 with this effect, why not end boss? ). That way she'd never use the spell in the first place. A la sarevok in BG1 pre-totsc
  9. thansk for telling me that if I'm not giving any chance to the enemy to actually butcher me it means that I'm cheating ahaha first time I read that
  10. No Jarno, it's not that. It's just that BG, especially the second, drowns you in magical items. In the normal vanilla game you use always the same stuff but in IR you have actually a chance to choose. Maybe even too much choices
  11. Demiurgus, I trust you'll do a good job
  12. Jarno considering other items from other mods make no sense. For a simple reason: if you wish to use such mods, installing Item revisions goes against the consistency that Demiurgus is trying to achieve amongst all items. You aren't going to find a good balance if you plan to add 4-5 new mods adding a lot of items. So what's the point of adding Item revision? None, but if you like it you can install IR. Beside, he asked to remove BG:EE items and I quite doubt that you can find these items ALWAYS from a quest (e.g stupifier being inside a inn getting dust in a drawer)... So.... ??
  13. I agree with Kreso here. Especially when he talks about the fact that IR touches many items that are fan favorite. He was spot on when he talked about the necklace of missiles and to be sincere, I use it everytime that I don't use IR inside the bandit camp and I'm particularly found of it. And I too think the items of khazgaroth needs to be re-worked. I prefer items balanced either on lore or PnP sources (as much as the game allows for it without breaking) rather than arbitrary mishmash what this item is right now. The only such nonsensical item I can think of is Shuruppak's Plate. Fully agree. 101%. You couldn't have sold it better. And don't tell me a claw from a mythical beast that actually counters missile because you get blurry makes sense I'd probably vote for a rewamp of it's abilities/usability flags. The wearer should (imo) become a bit more "beastly", and a bit less "human". I haven't really given much tought about the in-game implementation of this idea however. I like this. The only limit with such items is the creativity. By the way, was the idea of actually adding other pieces of khazgaroth discarded or never thought of?
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