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  1. Demiurgus, just a suggestion. But it's up to you if you wish to welcome it or not. Release a pre-definitive version to be added into BWS. It doesn't matter which or what, but I'm pretty sure that people are still using old revision of IR and SR with BWS. I know you said more than once, that the new beta versions are many step ahead compared to the old versions. So I guess that this would be a good time to release them. I can definitely understand Salk's impatience because this is ending like that IR v3, from what I've gathered by reading the old topics: and I do use the beta version so I cou
  2. I don't agree with khazgaroth being usable only one time a day. Why don't you make it a permanent effect and put a really high cost (or maybe, when you will get a store revision, put it on a boss or whatever)? It would be way better. Beside, having to click three times 'rest' just to use it is annoying.
  3. We need a definitive version so Alien can update BWS and I can start playing *.* Together with waiting for Crevs daak Multiclasser beta
  4. MAy I ask what happened? The last eta was given three weeks ago
  5. Dreadfully sorry for asking there the indecent question, but are you also planning to release a new version for wheels of prophecy?
  6. How is the bug cleansing going?
  7. Salk, for me the deal is sealed. I apologize if you thought that I was attacking you personally. In the second part of post I taunted you a bit, but nothing too extreme and I wasn't serious. Anyway, what? Did I read well? Quest revisions? Explain please.. AHAH
  8. I'm not lecturing you. If I did I would have used other words, I assure you. Just take a look at this topic or the topic on IR. (I read all those topics, each page to see the development) Demiurgus gave so many ETAs that you can't even imagine. Just take a look at this post... http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=26373&p=223154 this was on MAY and IR was supposed to be out already in that time. So keeping to ask won't do harm, but it won't net you any result. That's what I meant. Edit: you know, after reading this post, it could be karma, couldn't be? http://gibberlings
  9. Salk, it will be out when it's out. Insisting won't do much.
  10. I would be speechless if you added him to BG2 and BG2: ToB. Especially if you added content for those mods (crossmod banters): Irenicus (the longer road), Xan, Ajantis, Tiax, Kivan.
  11. hey, I'm interested into trying this mod. And item revisions. Any chance you could send me a pm with the link? I would be extremely grateful. Scourge
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