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  1. If there's one thing Beamdog knows how to do (and really, it's just the one thing), it's weaponizing nostalgia. All they had to do was say it's a tie-in to the latest Baldur's Gate adventure and name-drop Planescape, and that was that. Fans did the rest. Not following through? Well... surprise surprise.
  2. Hell, doc, you've been around since the beginning - it's hardly the first time Beamdog customers got left in the dust for actual years.
  3. Well, we are bitter haters, after all More to the point - the fact that several individuals are describing the same experience might be the smoking gun you should be looking at. Just sayin'.
  4. Ah, the good old days when "Mizhena" got more search results than "Madonna"
  5. Nah, I lost interest in the game years ago. Mostly left it up here in case anybody ever wants to give it a try, I don't mind
  6. Woo, blast from the past! I gotta say that for me DavidW's Wheels of Prophecy mod went a long way in making ToB more fun and reactive; breaks up the linearity by letting you pick your targets, and the others change depending on the order you do it. Aside from that? Pretty much the thing Beamdog did back when they were actually, y'know, doing things: character quests. Like, it's incredibly cool that Sarevok's back, maybe give him something to do? At the very least for characters like Viconia or Aerie who don't really have storylines in SoA. Just my $0.02, adjusted for inflation
  7. Aww, thanks! Yeah, that was me The BG3 news had me feeling nostalgic so I took a little tour around the old haunting grounds - stumbled on this thread and had a good time!
  8. This thread's tastier than a box of tempura fried illithid
  9. Updated to 1.2 with some suggestions - still looking for someone to work with on this... BG2EE Story Tweaks 1.2.pdf
  10. Hello, everyone! I've been putting together a "design document" for a (hopefully) small mod that implements some minor plot tweaks to the Enhanced Edition of BG2 - filling plotholes and addressing inconsistencies in the new content, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about coding/programming, and so I'm hoping there's a modder here who might be willing to partner up with me and make this happen. I've attached the overview of the proposed Story Tweaks. Dialogue/banter is in the works (again, with a small and limited scale so as not to interfere with existing con
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