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  1. Happy New Year everybody! I'm resurrecting this thread because I've encountered almost exactly the same problem as the OP. I'm running classic BGT+SCS+Turambar fixes (and a whole host of other mods), and Viconia made my game crash. The difference is the BG1 Viconia was perfectly fine when I rescued her south of Beregost (moved there by cdtweaks). However, in BG2, by game crashed to desktop the first time entering the Government District with the exact same error as the OP: "An Assertion failed in ObjCreature.cpp at line numer 12349" I traced the crash to a bogus spell "E.SPL" that Viconia somehow had in her list of memorized spells. Removing this let my game work again. Affected .CRE files were: VICONI6.CRE VICONI8.CRE VICONI9.CRE VICONI11.CRE VICONI13.CRE VICONI16.CRE My WEIDU.LOG:
  2. I went to the troll mound outside the Druid Grove and the giant trolls there did lie down so I could finish them off. It's only Torgal's bodyguards that are specifically unkillable, even by Ctrl-Y. One thing I did notice while replaying the TorGal encounter: His giant trolls were susceptible to petrification by Chromatic Orb. Both of them shattered into little tiny rocks after getting hit by Chromatic Orb. Maybe I just got lucky, but in all my years of playing BG, I've never seen Chromatic Orb work fully before. Now I got two for two.
  3. Playing classic BGT with SCS on Tactical difficulty. I've been able to kill everything in de'Arnise Hold except for those damn giant trolls that TorGal has with him. Regular trolls go down without a problem. Spirit trolls are annoyingly tough but still killable. Even TorGal isn't that difficult. But those two giant trolls guarding him simply won't go down. I can get them to "Near Death", but they never lie down so I can finish them off. I've tried backing off hitting them so their death animation kicks in, but it never does. I've never had this problem with any kind of trolls before. WeiDU.log
  4. Following up on my previous post: I could not find Tiax in Beregost, Quayle in the Nashkel Carnival, or Alora (or Eldoth!) in Gullykin, although I didn't explore the entire map just their expected locations. Viconia and Shar-Teel were present as expected in their new locations.
  5. Testing a BGT megamod with "Move NPCs to Convenient Locations". I was surprised to discover Alora in the Coast Way, where I believe Eldoth is supposed to be. I haven't made it to the other locations yet. ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1251 // Move NPCs to Convenient Locations: Move Alora to Gullykin: v7 ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1252 // Move NPCs to Convenient Locations: Move Eldoth to the Coast Way: v7 ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1253 // Move NPCs to Convenient Locations: Move Quayle to the Nashkel Carnival: v7 ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1254 // Move NPCs to Convenient Locations: Move Shar-Teel to North Nashkel Road: v7 ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1255 // Move NPCs to Convenient Locations: Move Tiax to Beregost: v7 ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1256 // Move NPCs to Convenient Locations: Move Viconia to South Beregost Road: v7
  6. I've done some preliminary testing with this mod, S&S and RR, all up-to-date as far as I know. Everything looks good so far. Imoen properly has her Adventurer kit from S&S.
  7. In-game description for the Adventurer kit says it gains +1 bonus to all saves at levels 1, 8 and 14. This is missing from the README.
  8. Wow I never expected this to get updated. This is great!
  9. Thanks. I'll have to remember this for my next BGT run, in a few months' time, if it hasn't been fixed. For now I'm manually advancing the time using Ctrl-T.
  10. According to the README, this is supposed to be compatible with BGT. I tried to set the forging time to 24 hrs, but it was skipped. The relevant line in the debug file simply says: What are the requirements? This was never a problem with the previous bg2tweaks. DEBUG file and weidu.log attached in a zip. cdtweaks.zip
  11. The readme states that you should be able to say "spellhold_easycore 1" in the stratagems.ini file and be able to find your equipment before confronting Irenicus in Spellhold. I went through the entire Asylum and battle with Irenicus (after getting my ass kicked several times) without finding my items. I only found them after the battle, in Irenicus' desk. I presume the desk is the usual place. Where are you supposed to be able to find your equipment?
  12. The Item Upgrade mod gives Cromwell the ability to craft some new items. However, if I have the Equalizer shaft in my inventory, Cromwell doesn't say the dialog for crafting the new items. If I drop the part on the ground, he'll correctly give me the new options. Neither will Cromwell offer to upgrade the Equalizer longbow. I presume Cespenar will have the same problem, but I haven't gotten to ToB yet.
  13. Aster had already given me the mission to eliminate the Shadow Thieves. Gaelan was hostile when I went into his hideout in the slums, so I killed him and snagged the key off his body. I agree that having the guard automatically to you and hand you the key would be a simple fix for the problem. One other thing: The journal entry is still the same as if you had agreed to Gaelan's terms rather than Aster. There also isn't a journal entry created when Aster gives you the mission to eliminate the Shadow Thieves (which could also mention the waiting guard). Nor is there a journal entry when Aster sends you to the vampire hideout.
  14. Playing on BGT. I missed the part where Aster said that someone would be waiting for me at the door of the Shadow Thieves' lair with the key to the secret hideout. I actually got the key off of Gaelan Bayle, strolled right in, and slaughtered everyone. Upon exiting, I missed the guy again and wait straight back to Aster. She actually went through her whole dialog of "pay me 15,000" like I had never talked to her the first time. That's when I saw that I was supposed to talk to a dude. I reloaded the autosave on exiting the Docks. I went back and saw the guy was still waiting patiently for me by the door. (Didn't he notice me go in and then come out some time later?) I talked to him this time and he gave me another key. Since everyone inside was already dead, I just hightailed over to Aster to whom I could now acknowledge that I had indeed killed everyone in the compound.
  15. Done, although that mod no longer seems to have an active maintainer.
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