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  1. Personally I just skip the Darkside Kobolds component. DavidW assumes you do the Gnoll Fortress before Nashkal Mines.
  2. Is the Faster Bears component not supposed to affect druids shapechanged into Black Bears? Just tried the Black Bear shape with Jaheira and she moved at a glacial speed. I posted WeiduLog is a couple of pages ago.
  3. Facing a pack of Ancient and Elder Vampires backed up by Ghasts and Mummies in the Firkraa dungeon, I decided to send Anomen in alone protected by a Protection against Undead Scroll. His Blade Barrier spells worked marvelously, but when I cast the Holy Word spell I felt like Han Solo when his Hyperdrive didn't work. The undead lighted up, but that was all. No damage, no stun, no nothing. Any idea why the spell didn't work? // Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods // The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod // ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [Subcomponent Name -> ] Compo
  4. He didn't die since the fiend was killed before Anomen was turned into a Ghast (takes five rounds IIRC). So it isn't quite as scary as a Beholder's Death Ray. But it's annoying when I can't figure out why things happen that shouldn't happen (like how missile weapons seem to fire instantly, despite having a high attack speed). Incidentally I bet some would argue that Anomen turning into a Ghast would be an improvement...
  5. Using SCS + aTweak's PnP Fiends: Nabassu - Death Gaze: Anomen Anomen - Cursed Anomen - Dying Anomen - Save vs Spell: 12 Anomen has both a Death Ward and with a Potion of Invulnerability his Saving Throw vs Spells is 5 So why the hell did the Death Gaze work on him? Anyway, I guess I should have used Potion of Mirror Eyes instead.
  6. Selaad Gan worked properly, though. Could only be hurt by Werebane and a few other special weapons ("cold iron"?), while Short Sword +3 and my Cleric of Helm's +4 sword special ability was ineffective.
  7. So I just faced Karoug on the Werewolf Island, and he was much weaker than I remember. First he was damaged and Blinded by a Holy Smite (may have been pure luck, though), then Jaheira was able to hit him with a +1 Quartestaff. I thought he was supposed to only be vulnerable to +3 or better weapons? Anyway Imoen for once was lucky with her backstabbing and with her +3 Short Sword chunked him for 80 damage. I'm not sure which CRE he really is (he appears as "Greater Werewolf" when battle is joined), so...
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