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    Just speaking as a potential player, I for one am far more interested in having the locations, quests, stories, dialogue, characters interactions, etc. than I care about what the combat is like lol. As long as it's just consistent across the whole experience, then I really don't care at all if it's 3E or not. *Especially* if it means delaying or preventing the other content from coming. That's just how I feel about it though.
  2. Ser Elryk


    I hope he comes back. I put off playing Baldur's Gate for the longest time (I've only ever played BG1, once, and didn't even touch TotSC), because I wanted to play EET once IWD-in-EET was finally complete. I don't even remember how many years it's been now, or the last time I used a tool for a multi-mod mega-installation. I think Roxanne is still active over on her site. I may have to just end up finally playing IWD separately before BG1&2. Probably should have a long time ago. But with a new patch just being released I guess I should still wait a bit to see if it broke any mods and let them (hopefully) get fixed.
  3. Ser Elryk


    I read that Beamdog is developing a 2.6 update. I HOPE that he's just waiting on that. But I do wish that we heard something to verify that the project isn't just dead.
  4. Ser Elryk


    Me too. My heart sinks a little more every time I check in and see no activity for so long.
  5. Ser Elryk


    "Please keep it up @K4thos, because this here is the real deal. BG1+BG2+IWD1+IWD2+SOD+ all the other mods = perfection" Indeed! I've been craving this exact thing for so long, and it will be so sweet when it's finally released and stable. I also tell as many people as I can about the project(s) at every opportunity. They always tell me to let them know as soon as it's out lol.
  6. @Lightbringer Sounds like it'd be a nice touch. But I'm not familiar enough with them to say for sure. I've been saving my first IWD playthrough for IWD-in_EET for years lol.
  7. @K4thos Thank you for clearing up the confusion a bit. Sorry to repeat myself from before: But I for one REALLY dislike the "book as a framing device" idea, as well as anything that prevents rewards from carrying over. I'm also glad to hear that AWizardDidIt's work won't go to waste!
  8. " K4thos has already said the IWD1 campaign won't be integrated; but its content will be added to the game." Wait... now I'm confused again. Would someone mind elaborating on what that means?
  9. Another thought: If there is a way to make sure that all of the IWD (1 and 2) content is not easily miss-able during the Bhaalspawn campaign, that would be preferable. I'm thinking of first-time players who may not be familiar with either BG or IWD, but still want to do them all in their first time playthrough.
  10. Ser Elryk


    Sorry, K4thos. It was late, I was tired, and I think I misunderstood the line "There is a direct conflict between IWD1 story and SoD villain, as well as some characters and even different iterations of the same locations showing up in both IWD1 and IWD2 story. Due to these reasons it has been decided that IWD1 can't co-exist alongside SoD and IWD2 content in the current timeline. Doing so would require major story overhaul, which is not planned." as meaning that the IWD1 base campaign would not be included in IWD-in_EET.
  11. That's how I'd feel, honestly. I would definitely rather keep my rewards. I'm also skeptical plot-wise about anything dealing with time-travel. Someone mentioned that they favored gameplay over plotline, but just for feedback, I'm the opposite. The story is what drives the gameplay for me. EDIT: Again, just for feedback: I'm personally not a fan of the "Belhifet's book as a framing device" idea.
  12. Ser Elryk


    But currently not the IWD1 base campaign (into the Bhaalspawn saga, I mean)?
  13. Uh oh! I really hope someone figures out a clever way to tie IWD1 into the Bhaalspawn campaign alongside everything else! I mean I'm sure the mod will be great no matter what. I'd just really love to eventually see everything get combined into one single epic adventure =D
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