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  1. Thank you for the quick answer Ah, not even in ToB then? I did play the mod way back when the ToB portion didn't exist yet during pre-EE days, so I remember the romance never actually getting to any notable relationship status. I was kinda hoping for something along the lines where Anomen proposes to Charname and Keldorn could interrupt, maybe. So what then if Charname breaks up with their other partner in ToB? Is there a way to restart things with Keldorn then?
  2. Heyo, I have a question regarding cross-romancing: Are there any cross-romance dialogues between Keldorn and the EE romances and/or any of the here listed mod romances, or do the romances just terminate each other without any dialogue at a certain point? For example, in the official romances the companions will get jeallous of each other and ultimately make the player choose, is there any of that with this in this mod? Just asking because I do enjoy making my companions argue with each other, love-triangles work great for this >.>
  3. Alright, thanks for the quick reply I will use the mod then for my next playthroughs and see if I get any ideas for interactions. If I happen to have any ideas, where do I send them?
  4. Hello, two questions: 1. Is there any content planned involving the new companions from EE, meaning that they are going to get reactions to the encounters like Aerie and co. do? 2. In the current version, will getting involved with an encounter result in a termination of any running EE romances or anything along those lines?
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