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  1. Whoa long time since I peeked here! :3 still going!! *cookies for everyone* Man I can't WAIT for this :3
  2. a little preview wouldn't be bad *shifty eyes* XD
  3. x3 well we'll be waiting then... or go on strike!
  4. wewt! I wonder how much writing is to go~ I so can't wait to play it!
  5. I have no such restraints, enslaving Aklon sounds tempting enough... >-> haha yeah this guy will be so very much abused when he hits the er... silver monitor? hehe
  6. yay good to see it's moving ^^ Best of luck with it!
  7. I think Aerie and Anomen are the NPC's that will take most time, others won't require that much dialog - I mean those will be just a few dialogs, probably without PC interjections (so less work ... right?) anyway I can't wait for iiiiiit~ Aklon would be a sweet present for new yers eve... *dreamland*
  8. Tsujatha wasn't written by Domi methinks... heh personally I always think that BG romances are teen, anything that mentions sex is something around 18 and explicit is Mature. not that it concerns me >_> I'm so old T_T lol. being 20 makes one so .. bored. how's the progress going btw? and when did I miss the party YET AGAIN? oh, Tymora does not smile on me *goes to worship Beshaba*
  9. raw....meaow? << rawr I say. This looks like a rawr party I say we hire someone to dance and serve drinks!
  10. mine are just over as of yesterday, but i still don't know what to do with myself now that i don't have to study anymore... awww I'll be done in a week, still havin' one to go
  11. Hi how is everyone feeling during this crazy time of final exams?
  12. I have to admit I'm curious so I'll play to see Aerie romance for sure~ ^^
  13. sounds like a lot of work, wish ya luck with that ^_^ << we probably can't wait, but then again... wait we will
  14. wahoo another progress report. << >> is the Anomen conflict the only thing left, or is there more to be done? *whimper*
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