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  1. Having only played BG2:SoA in the past, I recently got my hands on the Compilation DVD of BG1 + TotSC and BG2 + ToB. I've installed Tutu and plan to play through, But by first glance, the BG1 is much harder than BG2! There are some creatures (mostly archers) who can demolish a party member with one or two hits! I have been forced to resort to engaging them in melee as quickly as possible and hope I survive. What's up with it?
  2. That's a much smarter way to go about it and it works as well! Perfect. Thanks.
  3. I tried your advice, Mike, but it just made my game freeze on the character creation loading screen. Can you think of anything else that might be incorrect?
  4. I tried scripting what you described in Weidu, but I'm having strange results. Some things are being disabled, some are not. Here is the code I have written. //Gives the bezerker a trueclass usability flag to free a flag up (has no effect) COPY_EXISTING ~kitlist.2da~ ~override~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~0x40000000~ ~0x00004000~ //This gives the kit thief weapons (but not bow) and bard armour choices COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.itm~ ~override~ //loop through all items PATCH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE > 0x71) THEN BEGIN // protects against invalid files READ_SHORT "0x1C" "type" READ_BYTE "0x29" "usability_flags" READ_BYTE "0x2f" "kit_flags" PATCH_IF (("%type%" = 17) OR //Maces ("%type%" = 21) OR //Hammers ("%type%" = 22) OR //Morningstars ("%type%" = 23) OR //Flails ("%type%" = 27) OR //Crossbows ("%type%" = 29) OR //Spears ("%type%" = 30) OR //Halberds ("%type%" = 31) OR //Bolts ("%type%" = 44) OR //Clubs ("%type%" = 25) OR //Axes ("%type%" = 15) OR //Bows ("%type%" = 30) OR //Halbreds (("%usability_flags%" BAND 0x40000000) AND ( //Unusable by bard and is... ("%type%" = 2) OR //Armor ("%type%" = 60) OR //Leather Armor ("%type%" = 61) OR //Studded Leather Armor ("%type%" = 62) OR //Chain Mail ("%type%" = 63) OR //Splint Mail ("%type%" = 64) OR //Half plate ("%type%" = 65) OR //Full plate ("%type%" = 66) OR //Hide armor ("%type%" = 67)))) //Robe BEGIN WRITE_BYTE "0x2f" ("%kit_flags%" BOR 0b00000001) END END BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES What have I done wrong? PS: Be gentle - its my first Weidu scripting attempt.
  5. Hello everyone. I am trying to create a bard kit that is limited to only using weapons a thief can use, but I cannot seem to get it working correctly. Currently my kit is using the usability flag for the bounty hunter kit - 0x00080000 (Where are the usability flags for vanilla kits anyway?), but that has no effect on the weapons my PC can use. How can I restrict my kit's usability to that of a thief? Thanks guys, Mike.
  6. I noticed that after you kill the Ogre Mage in Irenicus' dungeon, Aataqah (the genie), always appears to your main character to talk, even if a NPC destroyed the Ogre. That seems a bit unrealistic, considering your main character would have no idea what Aataqah is talking about. I think this needs changing, but is it a bug or just a tweak? Thanks, Biubid_boy. (P.S. Why is that creature even called an Ogre Mage? It doesn't exactly cast spells, does it?)
  7. Hello everyone, I think I found a new bug! Game Type: SoA only. Mods Installed: Clean install. Bug: The Firecam Armour (Keldorn's one) can be work by monks. I have experienced this bug with a clean install, so it isn't caused by mods. A simple flag-change should fix it. Consider this my small contribution to a great mod, Biubid_boy.
  8. Hey everyone, Can someone please give me the useability flag I would use if I wanted a kit that could only use the invocation school of spells. I have tried, but to no avail. Biubid_boy.
  9. The balance of your voice and Yovaneth's voice in episode six was much better. You just squashed my number 1 complaint! Keep it coming, and I for one support the longer episodes.
  10. If the forums birthday-counter-thing isn't horribly off, its NiGHTMARE's b-day today! Have a great day, and may your loins bear the fruit of many children, so on and so forth... Have a good one and congrats on surviving another year!
  11. Yea, I thought of the that way of doing the 're-learn' just after I posted. Looks like you beat me to it though .
  12. I originally thought you could do it by having the the 're-learn' effect duration set to delayed, and then use the effect 'Change Spell Duration' with some random numbers to make it randomer. But now I realise that the 're-learn' part would be an effect, not a spell. It could still work...
  13. Maybe each spell should re-memorise itself after a random duration. That way, you have a chance of being both very good and mediocre during combat. Kinda suits the 'raw' feeling you were going for, don't you think?
  14. Hmmm.... Interesting! I must try this... It didn't blow up the universe. Imoen still appears in the cutscene at the Promenade. Oh well.
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