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  1. Having only played BG2:SoA in the past, I recently got my hands on the Compilation DVD of BG1 + TotSC and BG2 + ToB. I've installed Tutu and plan to play through, But by first glance, the BG1 is much harder than BG2! There are some creatures (mostly archers) who can demolish a party member with one or two hits! I have been forced to resort to engaging them in melee as quickly as possible and hope I survive. What's up with it?
  2. That's a much smarter way to go about it and it works as well! Perfect. Thanks.
  3. I tried your advice, Mike, but it just made my game freeze on the character creation loading screen. Can you think of anything else that might be incorrect?
  4. I tried scripting what you described in Weidu, but I'm having strange results. Some things are being disabled, some are not. Here is the code I have written. //Gives the bezerker a trueclass usability flag to free a flag up (has no effect) COPY_EXISTING ~kitlist.2da~ ~override~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~0x40000000~ ~0x00004000~ //This gives the kit thief weapons (but not bow) and bard armour choices COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.itm~ ~override~ //loop through all items PATCH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE > 0x71) THEN BEGIN // protects against invalid files READ_SHORT "0x1C" "type" READ_BYTE "0x29" "usability_flags" READ_BYTE "0x2f" "kit_flags" PATCH_IF (("%type%" = 17) OR //Maces ("%type%" = 21) OR //Hammers ("%type%" = 22) OR //Morningstars ("%type%" = 23) OR //Flails ("%type%" = 27) OR //Crossbows ("%type%" = 29) OR //Spears ("%type%" = 30) OR //Halberds ("%type%" = 31) OR //Bolts ("%type%" = 44) OR //Clubs ("%type%" = 25) OR //Axes ("%type%" = 15) OR //Bows ("%type%" = 30) OR //Halbreds (("%usability_flags%" BAND 0x40000000) AND ( //Unusable by bard and is... ("%type%" = 2) OR //Armor ("%type%" = 60) OR //Leather Armor ("%type%" = 61) OR //Studded Leather Armor ("%type%" = 62) OR //Chain Mail ("%type%" = 63) OR //Splint Mail ("%type%" = 64) OR //Half plate ("%type%" = 65) OR //Full plate ("%type%" = 66) OR //Hide armor ("%type%" = 67)))) //Robe BEGIN WRITE_BYTE "0x2f" ("%kit_flags%" BOR 0b00000001) END END BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES What have I done wrong? PS: Be gentle - its my first Weidu scripting attempt.
  5. Hello everyone. I am trying to create a bard kit that is limited to only using weapons a thief can use, but I cannot seem to get it working correctly. Currently my kit is using the usability flag for the bounty hunter kit - 0x00080000 (Where are the usability flags for vanilla kits anyway?), but that has no effect on the weapons my PC can use. How can I restrict my kit's usability to that of a thief? Thanks guys, Mike.
  6. I noticed that after you kill the Ogre Mage in Irenicus' dungeon, Aataqah (the genie), always appears to your main character to talk, even if a NPC destroyed the Ogre. That seems a bit unrealistic, considering your main character would have no idea what Aataqah is talking about. I think this needs changing, but is it a bug or just a tweak? Thanks, Biubid_boy. (P.S. Why is that creature even called an Ogre Mage? It doesn't exactly cast spells, does it?)
  7. Hello everyone, I think I found a new bug! Game Type: SoA only. Mods Installed: Clean install. Bug: The Firecam Armour (Keldorn's one) can be work by monks. I have experienced this bug with a clean install, so it isn't caused by mods. A simple flag-change should fix it. Consider this my small contribution to a great mod, Biubid_boy.
  8. Hey everyone, Can someone please give me the useability flag I would use if I wanted a kit that could only use the invocation school of spells. I have tried, but to no avail. Biubid_boy.
  9. The balance of your voice and Yovaneth's voice in episode six was much better. You just squashed my number 1 complaint! Keep it coming, and I for one support the longer episodes.
  10. If the forums birthday-counter-thing isn't horribly off, its NiGHTMARE's b-day today! Have a great day, and may your loins bear the fruit of many children, so on and so forth... Have a good one and congrats on surviving another year!
  11. Yea, I thought of the that way of doing the 're-learn' just after I posted. Looks like you beat me to it though .
  12. I originally thought you could do it by having the the 're-learn' effect duration set to delayed, and then use the effect 'Change Spell Duration' with some random numbers to make it randomer. But now I realise that the 're-learn' part would be an effect, not a spell. It could still work...
  13. Maybe each spell should re-memorise itself after a random duration. That way, you have a chance of being both very good and mediocre during combat. Kinda suits the 'raw' feeling you were going for, don't you think?
  14. Hmmm.... Interesting! I must try this... It didn't blow up the universe. Imoen still appears in the cutscene at the Promenade. Oh well.
  15. There already is a Warlock kit in 'The Darkest Days', but yours sound much more interesting.
  16. It seems that the higher damage is only effecting darts strangely (which is bad because I want it to affect darts mainly). When tried with bows, the damage is what I wanted.
  17. Hello everybody. For a kit I'm working on, I use the effect "Missle Weapon Damage Modifier" (effect 286) with the amount set to 1 and the type set to cumulative. I then apply the effect evry four levels on my kits clab file. But the result in-game is that the damage at level 8 is 14 (as opposed to the original 4). The spell seems to apply itself many times. How can I stop it? Thanks for any help, Biubid_boy.
  18. I've always thought that crossbows would be better if they had a speed bonus, to reflect that they can be reloaded faster than a regular bow.
  19. Perhaps, for your new kit idea, you could summon your teeth weapon into the fist slot. That way, it doesn't show up in your inventory and scream "mod". The downside to this is that you need a script to re-summon the teeth every time you load a saved game. It isn't to hard to do. See the Arcane Rouge kit from the Sorcerers Plane Collection mod to see how its done. Good luck with your mod and I hope you go on to to great things. Biubid_boy.
  20. It's just that I prefer the Dragon Hoards interface over the 'raw' http.
  21. Yarpen: a) Good idea. Will be included in the next release. b) I thought that was one of the things that distinguished the Lyric from other bards. I dunno about changing it... Why would anyone want to use power word sleep when the bard song does the same thing repeatedly? c) The weapons bonus is to show that instead of practicing magic so much, the Lyric can concentrate on his fighting more than other bards. SimDing0: Actually, Lyrics were poetic minstrels in Ancient Greece. Icelus: Yea, I've contacted Dragon's Hoard. I should have that crappy link changed in the near future.
  22. Works for me...(I'm using Firefox). It isn't a direct link to the file, you have click on it then wait for some time then click download of the bar at the top of the new page.
  23. Sure thing! Addded to the first post.
  24. Yes! Finished my Mod. This is my first kit mod so be nice . The kit is a Lyric Bard Kit. Its a bard who has worse spell casting abilities than normal but some nifty advantages . The link will be back soon! Sorry for the bad hosting site. The Kit Description is as follows: PS: Registered!
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