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  1. Hi, I got a parse error when trying to install this revised Sword Coast Stratagems on EET. Details (and debug files) here. Is this a bug, or did I do something wrong? Thanks, Willard
  2. While having another go at modding EET, I got a parse error when trying to install "Sword Coast Stratagems". I put debug files here. Is this a bug, or did I do something wrong? My BG2 mod install order
  3. already answered before. [...] My impression reading argent77's post was that tile2ee was a tool for mod developers to port their mod to EE. How straightforward is the tool to use? Could I simply write a script that traverses a mod's directory structure and replaces TIS and MOS files in the old format with files in the new format? Or would the mod itself need to be modified as well? What happens if I install the graphics overhaul on a fresh BG2EE before running SETUP-EET.exe? (I am hoping this will give me the benefits of the graphics overhaul in the BG2 portion of EET without destroying the graphics of the BG1 portion of EET). EDIT: I just tried this; the graphics overhaul checks if you're installing it on EET, and does nothing if you haven't initialized EET.
  4. I also have these horizontal lines (first mod installed on EET after initializing EET on a modded BG1EE (with new areas)). There is also something strange happening with a few tiles visible as I pan the view; they seem to get swapped out with other tiles really fast, which makes them flicker. Is there a workaround, or do I need to hold off installing this mod until the matter is resolved? (if the problem only affects BG1 areas, can I get this mod to leave those areas alone?)
  5. Sorry about that; I thought "spoiler" tags were smart in that they ensured that text would only be retrieved through a socket upon being revealed. I have now removed the .DEBUG dumps and hosted them off-site.
  6. Update: I installed the mods in the install order I gave in this message, and got no errors (for mods hosted on GitHub, make sure to download from "releases")
  7. Hei Jarno, The last one will take effect the most... the only way you can get something greatly broken is when you don't overwrite everything. Aka you leave something that has no base being there anymore. @ "the most": I don't quite follow. If one mod sets a level cap of 40 and another mod sets a level cap of 50, and I install both in some order, then (assuming the mods are not flawed and the installers ran to completion without error) the level cap will be either 40 or 50, not closer to 50 than 40. @ "don't overwrite everything": I can see clearly how a partial install of a mod breaks things (e.g. if changes the mod uses are missing). @ "leave something": That should be no problem; it's just dead code. This actually depends on what you are asking ? You won't get the setup you made which breaks it ... but it might not BREAK the GAME, but it might as well as you won't have the setup you meant to make. Aka it's far better to know what the hell you are doing than not. What I am asking is basically my Question 1 again. I am trying to understand how WeiDU works, that is, what it does for you. I am assuming that when a mod installer prepared with WeiDU encounters an error, then it will not-install / rollback / undo the mod installation (or at least the part of the mod installation that resulted in an error). But does such an installer do that for all kinds of errors? (parse errors? the installer being interrupted?) It would be unfathomably frustrating to have installed mods for several hours, and then when installing one mod, an error occurs, and it breaks your setup in a manner that you cannot recover from, meaning you have to trash the game directory and start all over. By "breaks your setup", I mean "not having the setup I meant to have". To me that is a broken game (even worse if the game starts, and everything looks fine, but after playing for 20 hours, you get stuck in a quest). Good luck on licking every single mod makers rear end on trying to do that... it won't happen. Trust me. If I set out try to either gather all mods in one repository, or get the modders to use it, I do not anticipate I would need to do anything as graphic as licking rear ends. The mod authors went through the effort of making their mod stable enough to be used by other players. They shared it. No one asked them to do this. They want their mods to be used by people. If they are maintaining their mods, they have an incentive to have the mod included in this repository (because that's where all other mods are stored, and it has a great package manager helping users install mods). If they are not maintaining their mod, they still want it to be used, and won't mind orphaning it and letting someone else take over maintaining it (or forking it). I saw somewhere in a mod description a note discouraging others from hosting the mod on other websites, and asking the reader to not "steal" the code. My guess is that this is a mandate initiated when Baldur's Gate modding really took off (2003?) to try to maintain a measure of control; make sure it is clear where the latest version of a mod can be found (i.e. the only place that mod can be found on the web), and make sure there aren't 10s or 100s of mods all doing the same thing, which confuses players. And since web hosting was expensive back then, people would scatter the mods on dodgy free hosting websites. Now, hosting is cheap and easy. GitHub offers free public repositories; GitHub is very usable, and has a lot of tooling around it, meaning it is easy to write software that interacts with it. A .bat you mean. Guess what ... the BWP/BWS etc have done this.. but there's 500 mods and 1500 mod components and 900 of those components do everything and your mom. For instance a .bat. I said "script" because it doesn't matter what language/tool is used to accomplish this task. I would personally write up something in Python, Haskel, or even Perl. @ "BWP/BWS etc. have done this": How completely / rigorously? I haven't come across a dependency graph anywhere. I am sure there is something like that built into BWS. But how complete is it? Do they only add a dependency / conflict when one is reported? I guess generating all possible installations is not really tractable; the number of EET-compatible mods alone is several orders of magnitute greater than the number of atoms in the universe (if each of those atoms was a universe, wherein each atom was a universe, then you'd get close). So the mods would need to be analyzed statically instead (e.g. for which files they modify) (which is doable). Well if you have an error in the mods install, like the report says, it will automatically remove itself. That of course won't cause any further problems except it removes the content that was supposed to be added. Duh. But asking others why it does this is usually as futile as asking them to install a faulty configuration of mods and get them to find a way to fix it. Usually it's no good for anyone. Especially with multiple mods. @ "asking why it does this": I was not asking anyone why-anything; I'm just trying to understand how WeiDU installers work so I know how careful I need to be when trying to install a series of mods (e.g. do I need to take a backup of the game directory each time I try to add a mod, to avoid starting over if the mod installation fails?) @ "automatically removes itself": Thank you; now I understand WeiDU installers better.
  8. There are some dependencies between BGEE mods. I have found this WeiDU.log install order to be a working one. Thank you for this. Based on 1) your WeiDU.log file, 2) K4thos' comments, and 3) the following "standard mod order" for BG2 I found somewhere on the web (is this correct?): item mods quest mods NPC mods spell mods kit mods tweak mods BG2Tweaks Might and Guile Refinements SCS aTweaks I have, upon consulting the "BiG World" PDF, prepared the following install order. I'll report back how it goes (if any of you know it will fail, feel free to make a peep) install order Thank you for your reply. Yeah, I didn't notice the errors until after I started analyzing the .DEBUG files. Question 1. If a mod fails to install, do I need to take my whole game directory and trash it, or will the installer only finalize the installation if no errors occur? I ask because, while using an installer to remove a mod seems to work pretty well, in the case where a bunch of parse errors occurred during installation, they also occurred during uninstallation, so I don't know if the installer actually installed anything, and if it did, whether the uninstaller removed it again. that's not a correct install order which may be the reason why you encountered such errors. It turns out the install order I wrote in my original message was not the install order I actually used (I have updated my messsage to reflect this); I included my WeiDU.log file which lists my actual install order. I do recall going through "BiG World" PDF (for some of the mods at least) to check for conflicts. But I got tired of doing so near the end, and I didn't notice the errors when they occurred. I don't have such problem with latest winrar and 7zip. Try to update the program you use to extract files Windows 10 complained about the file being infected with malware. I found that believable since it is hosted on a very dodgy website. However, I downloaded it on my Linux-in-a-virtual-box, and it extracted just fine with unrar. So now I have it. liekly caused by the errors encountered during BG:EE mods installation. Can't really check what exactly happen since you uploaded wrong file - it should have been setup-eet_core.debug Although as mentioned there is no point installing further if you encountered any errors on BG:EE. Question 2: If no errors occur during installation of BG1 mods, and no errors occur when I run "Setup-EET.exe", does that mean that the BG1-modding-part is over, or can BG1 mods still cause problems for BG2 mods further down the line? Question 3: Do I need to run "setup-eet_core.exe" myself, or does "Setup_EET.exe" run "setup-eet_core.exe"? this is a mod for vanilla BG2. It's not compatible with Enhanced Edition games at all. In fact it would mess up the game if it can be installed (not sure if there are GAME_IS checks there) Yeah, I have no idea how that mod got there (unless it is really a different mod that creates a directory named something along the lines of BG2 FixPack). Quotes from the readme: With the exception of "The Darkest Day" (I'm almost-certain I did not install that after "Setup-EET_end.exe"), all the mods I listed here are from part 3 of the modlist, which says 3. Mods that can be installed after EET on BG2:EE but MUST BE PATCHED FIRST The way I interpreted that (and surrounding text) was I can install these mods after running "Setup-EET_end.exe". Question 4: Are you saying that the mods in category 2 and 3 should be installed before running "Setup-EET_end.exe"? (and the category 3 mods need to be patched to make them EET-compatible)? I figured as much :/ By the way, I noticed that there is a lot of overlap in some of the mods, such as ones that change creature spawn rate change the XP cap change the amount of XP you get from monsters change classes on NPCs change banter frequency ... What happens if I install multiple mods that change this? Will it be the last mod's change that will be in effect, or will I break things? My general feedback from my experience this weekend (aimed at no one in particular): there really, really needs to be a package manager for these mods. the package manager should be aware of the dependencies/conflicts of each mod ("Big World" knows this to some extent), adding/removing mods should never fail (and if they fail, should never break your system) (can errors break your setup?) (optional) all mods hosted in one mod repository, where it is easy to check for latest version in an automated manner (e.g. GitHub). For 1.1, I wonder if the best approach is to create a script that tries to install every mod in any way and order, and see which mod modifies which aspects of the game, and which combinations (don't) break.
  9. While all my modding trouble could be caused by these initial BG1:EE mod problems, I am going to include errors I got while installing BG2:EE in case that's not the case. Baldur's Gate 2 mods After installing BG2:EE, starting it up, creating a save game, and initializing EET with "Setup-EET.exe", <-- I GOT ERRORS I started installing BG2:EE mods. Now that I think of it, I'm not sure I ran "setup-EET_core.exe"; the instructions here are not very clear on whether this should be run, and how. I installed the following mods, in order. Ascalons Questpack Update Project Almateria's Restoration Project Baldur's Gate Graphics Overhaul for EET Tweaks Anthology The Lure of the Sirine's Call Thalantyr - Item Upgrade Sarevok Friendship NPC Tweak Portraits Portraits Everywhere Fishing For Trouble BGEE Leveled Spawns Mod ThrownHammers www.urstuff2athkatla.com La'Valygar Mod Generalized Biffing Lighting Pack: Shader Scripts for the Enhanced Edition New travel system between Baldur's Gate City areas The Darkest Day EE edition (TDDz) <-- I GOT ERRORS Recolored toolbar buttons for BG:EE & BG2:EE IWDification Wheels of Prophecy Afaaq, the Djinni Companion Sword Coast Stratagems <-- I GOT ERRORS x 2 EET Tweaks EEUITweaks User Interface Mods Collection Somewhere along the way, I appear to have installed a "BG2 FixPack". <-- I GOT ERRORS After running Setup-EET_end.exe, I installed the following (EET-compatible) mods. The Darkest Day EE edition (TDDz) Adalon's Blood Amber NPC Assassinations Back to Brynnlaw Banter Packs BP-BGT Worldmap de'Arnise Romance Dungeon Crawl Eilistraee's Song IEP Extended Banters <-- I GOT ERRORS Imoen Friendship (SoA & ToB) Innershade Isra BG2 Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2 Mazzy Friendship (SoA & ToB) NPC Flirt Packs Quest Pack Romantic Encounters Skie ReDone Tales of the Deep Gardens The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod The Sellswords The White Queen Tyris Flare Unfinished Business Viconia Friendship (SoA & ToB) Yvette Romance Yoshimo Friendship Crossmod Banter Pack for Baldur's Gate II Here are all the errors I got. SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.DEBUG SETUP-EET.DEBUG SETUP-IEPBANTERS.DEBUG SETUP-STRATAGEMS.DEBUG SETUP-TDDZ.DEBUG setup-stratagems_autoinstall.debug EDIT: the huge debug file dumps were causing problems (even when wrapped in "spoiler" tags), so I put them all here.
  10. Hi folks, Some mod bug reports. Can you help me out with the install process? I've been trying to get a modded EET working this weekend, by following these EET installation instructions, to install these mods, referencing this PDF file to check for conflicts. Here's what I've done: Install BG1:EE (Steam), start it up once, create a save game. Apply modmerge. Install BG1:EE mods. Install BG2:EE (Steam), start it up once, create a save game. Initialize EET (Run Setup-EET.exe) Install BG2:EE mods. Finalize EET (Run Setup-EET_end.exe) Install BG2:EE mods compatible with EET. (did I miss anything?) The game runs, is playable, and in many ways is extremely nice. However, there were some weird graphics glitches apparent already when I start the game; the first space CHARNAME stands on in Candlekeep is black, I can see the borders of the 45-degree-rotated rectangles on the ground, the tavern has stripes through it, and when I move the mouse around to explore the area, some of these rectangles flip out. So, I suspect I either did something wrong (conflicting mod, wrong install procedure, etc.) some mods are broken. I looked into the debug files, and some of them have errors in them. Baldur's Gate mods First I tried using the Big World Setup (BWS) to install the mods for BG1. But running Setup-EET.exe (to construct EET) in the resulting directory failed. So I started from scratch, and started installing the desired mods individually (bummer). The list of mods I installed is as follows. BG1 NPC Project BG1 NPC Project Music Pack BG1 Unfinished Business Aerie for BG:EE Ajantis BG1 expansion Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters Modification Coran's BG Extended Friendship Talks BG: EE Classic Movies Dark Horizons BG:EE Gavin NPC mod Indira NPC for BG1 Tutu Isra NPC Mod Mur'Neth NPC mod Neera Banters <-- I GOT ERRORS Neera Expansion Sirene NPC The Stone of Askavar White NPC <-- I GOT ERRORS Valerie NPC Mod <-- I GOT ERRORS WeiDU.log: (EDIT: The install order I originally listed was wrong. The install order above is now correct, as indicated by my WeiDU.log, which follows). (I wanted to install "T'was a slow boat from Kara'Tur", but I had difficulties extracting the archive) After analyzing my DEBUG files (with a shell script, looking for occurrences of "error" (case insensitive), ignoring occurrences referring to game files with "error" in the name), I found the following errors. SETUP-NEERABANTERS.DEBUG valerie_bgee.DEBUG white_bgee.DEBUG (I'll post BG2 stuff in a separate post; this one is very large already)
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