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  1. Anyone able to get this component: ~ITEM_REV\ITEM_REV.TP2~ #0 #20 // Revised Backstabbing -> All Melee and Ranged Weapons Usable For Backstabbing: V4 Beta 10 -Specifically the Ranged Weapon bit- working for bgee? I read something about how it used Tobex in non ee bg, which doesnt install on ee. THanks! David
  2. Hi GrimJim, nice work! Am I right in changing the line to INCLUDE FILE(%MOD_FOLDER%/genai/ssl/shoot.ssl) or does the (%MOD_FOLDER%) part need to be changed to the name of the folder that the SCS folder is in? Say (%BGEEDOWNLOADS%)? I will think about it more! Thank you!
  3. Anacdotal: regarding dragons: when you save in an area with one, then load, was one area where the lag for the hp script was more noticable. When you load a game and rush a dragon in a split second may be an area where you might see this script not necessarily firing. As you said waiting a couple of seconds in the area gives a chance for the script to run. This is from memory. Thanks.
  4. Thank you for any updates. I think the 'demilich' in watchers keep is immune to the dispel effects of the Staff of Magi. It may be intended. Thank you.
  5. Really great having all the new AI demons in the hell iranicus battle! So cool. I think that if you summon some summons and run south straight into the fight away from the main action all the demons will eventually fight and kill each other than eventually kill Iranicus. Of course it could be intended, maybe that you stand and fight roleplay wise. Maybe the demons summoned may be similar to if you have used the lesser grimware book or otherwise? I have a feeling its too much maybe but also possibly Irancus + demons maybe search for you with teleport? Thank you for such excellent demons and Iranicus when the player does stand and fight. Had a really great time in Sudanessellar its really fun with all AI with the enemies. I think the mage Suneer in the temple is not casting true sight vs sanctuary or invisibility. Thank you for an excellent MOD.
  6. Really enjoying the use of clerics in this MOD, so many good ideas and approaches to be played. I think the 7 eyes wizard spell's 'spell protection eye' is protecting vs beneficial spells, although could be intended. Eg. Berserk>Mage: Seven Eyes self: Enrage Innate self: Dialog 'Spell defence eye spent'. Really enjoying the new HP on the dragons - really makes it interesting. I think that the summon insects of the acid dragon Nizidramanii'yt is not protected by fireshield (blue i tried), again dont know if thats as intended. Thank you for an excellent MOD!
  7. So Good: Enemies are really fun using all sorts of approaches. -Lesser demon lords (Underdark) may not using all abilities (firestorm) although that maybe intended ( as solo character.) -Is this something SCS touches?: When you have 3x 'save vs' spells in a trigger or sequencer : does the same roll get give for all 3? (ie 3 polymorph other) https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/66870/sequencers-vs-saving-throws This thread discusses it and someone said spell revisions is a mod that does alter it but i ddidnt fully understand the conclusions drawn there. Thank you for an excellent AI MOD!
  8. Presently if a char with mirror image attacks a char with fire shield (red or blue) and hits them (presumably only the real char and not an image can attack) then it looks like a chance is made for an image to 'absorb' the fire shield. Expected: When char attack char with fire shield (mirror image on attacker) and 'hits' then the attacker should feel the effects of said fire shield (and not have a mirror image potentially lost absorbing it). (may also affecting globe of blades can maybe check) Thank you for the great MOD.
  9. 1.Hive mothers magic disrupting ray 'i think' 'not burning through' wizards anti-magic But will check out the mod more. 2.Vitriolic sphere looks to be giving full damage dice with subsequent acid effects (if save vs spell unsuccessful). Current: Caster level 12 (so 'starting' damage is 12d4) vs lesser demon lord: Rounds damage: 27, 26, 25, 26, 31, (saved), 0 Expected: 12d4, 10d4, 8d4, 6d4, 2d4 (saved), 0 Thank you for great Mod.
  10. Otilukes resilient sphere: Doesn't give a save for friendlies: Awesome. However it still interacts will spell turning/deflection/trap spells such that when cast on a friendly it reduces the spell defence count and the character is unaffected. Expected: Bypasses spell protections, like say other helpful spells. Ps: Is there a quick fix I can do myself for this using near infinity? Appreciate any directions - also, thanks for the great mod!
  11. Unsure if intended: same as with melf's minute meteors: Energy blades: When successfully rolling a 'hit' reduce spell defence counts. Eg. Char' '1' casts spell turning:self. Char' '2' throws 2 x Energy blades at char' '1': Spell turning (start count of 12) is removed. This MOD is great! Thank you.
  12. I think Iranicus at the end of spellhold doesn't have any prebuffs on insane (fine tuned all to insane or if availa. throne of bhaal). He does have chain contingency. Thank you.
  13. One thing I noticed is that: At the time when your items are taken if you have a bag of holding on you (from console or however): certain item stacks that were in the bag will have 1 of them on the desk outside of the bag when you find them later. I do think all the items are there just that certain (most) potions, arrows, wands, scrolls: a single item of each will be found now outside to bag and on the desk. All is working really. Thanks for awesome mod!
  14. Hi: is it meant that casting 'summon fiend' lowers your alignment? Current behaviour is that each casting lowers it 1 via a good->neutral->evil path. (so a chaotic good char' will cast it 2x to become chaotic evil). Is it intended? I didn't see it in the readme, if it is its a really cool idea. Don't know if it does it permanently. (1 idea: Maybe reputation could be affected as an alternative) Love the MOD its so good! Thank you. Mages are using HLA I've seen perfectly so far.
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