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A drow, a dwarf, a halfling, a dragon(?) and a priest of Talos walk into a tavern. What's the punchline? Find out with Glam's NPC Pack, featuring the original "Vynd, Drow Assassin" and four brand-new party members for BGEE, Tutu, BGT, and EET.

What's New in Version v3   See changelog


  • Un-identified mod-added magical items
  • Cleaned up item descriptions
  • Fixed the flame visual effect during a Flara cutscene
  • Jeff now opens the temple shop correctly in Tutu
  • Fixed a Tutu error when Dave is told to wait at an inn
  • Fixed an issue causing Moidre to disappear when removed from party
  • Tweaked Dave/Thalantyr interjection for compatibility
  • Fixed an interjection that caused the mystery potion merchant not to give both potions

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