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Kivan won't come to meet me at the Promenade.

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I've been told that Kivan will be looking for me in the Promenade, but I can't find him anywhere. I've started a new game and I'm on Chapter 1 i think and I'm wondering, do you have to be on Chap 2 to find them or something?


Anyone know where to find them? and does anyone know their codes so that I can cheat him in to my game if I don't find him (and maybe his wife/lover as well :))?


(And it worked perfectly to install them I think, if that helps at all?)


I posted this threat on a different site and I got a post back saying:


Kivan should actually find you, approaching and starting a conversation with you almost immediately after Imoen and Irenicus are whisked away by the Cowled wizards.This always happened for me right in that battle area as I was picking up the loot from the shadow thieves & wizards that Irenicus killed."



But in my game he doesn't come to greet me at all :)


Help please? :)

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Kivan should appear when you are walking by the northern side of the circus tent. He's wearing something that blurs him seriously, and his colors are green and brown, so he's practically invisible against the paving of the promenade.


Sometimes, if you walk into the Mythrest Inn or the Temple of Ilmater, he'll show up.


I'd use the console as a last resort, because if you spawn him, he'll talk to you and join you. No problem there. But if he is already in your game and you spawn another one, and the first attempts to join you, too, you're going to have problems.


Maybe Domi can give you the variable to check to see if he has already spawned, as well as the creature code, should that be necessary.

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The Global to check is:




If it is set to 1, he's spawned, and is wandering the promenade.




is your spawning thing if you can't find him.

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thanks a lot, i'll check that as soon as I get a chance to play the game again :) !


Edit: but if I do spawn him because he's not wondering around where he's supposed to, will he still function fully? Like have banters etc.?

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