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Slay Living


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Going through the spells after installing DR v5.


According to my NI, no restrictions to Good Priests is set for Slay Living (SPPR511.SPL), Harm (SPPR608.SPL), Cause Serious Wounds (SPPR414.SPL), Animate Dead (SPPR301.SPL).


I am pretty positive that it's my fault in reading the exclusion flags of NI but can you check, please ?

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Can some of you help me with am exhaustive list of those spells (old and new) that from Divine Remix v5 have now an alignment restriction ?


I am collecting this information so that Enhanced Creatures will assign a correct spellbook to clerics.


Thank you very much!

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Combined these two topics, as it's essentially the same question.


The alignment flags are used by the engine when it automatically assigns spells to divine spellcasters, but since this process is bypassed the flags are irrelevant.

  • Evil only: Animate Dead, Beast Claw, Cause Blindness, Cause Disease, Cause Light/Medium/Serious/Critical Wounds, Dolorous Decay, Energy Drain, Finger of Death, Harm, Poison, Slay Living
  • Evil & Neutral Only: Unholy Blight, Unholy Word
  • Good & Neutral Only: Holy Smite, Holy Word
  • Good Only: Alicorn Lance, Bolt of Glory, False Dawn

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I know Beast Claw is used as a druid spell in IWD but it's actually a spell from Malar, an evil deity, which is why it's been restricted to evil priests only. Many of the other 'generic' spells used in the game also are deity-specific, which is why they've been restricted: Alicorn Lance (Lurue), Bolt of Glory (Torm), Dolorous Decay (Myrkul), and False Dawn (Lathander).

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