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Improved Invisibility and targetting


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Am I right in thinking that the rule that spells can't be targeted on improved-invisible creatures is hardcoded?


In other words, is there a flag in the .SPL file that lets the spell target improved-invisible creatures if it's set, or is there no way around it?

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There's no way around it, sorry.


Only creatures with invisibility detection (the see invisible effect) can cast on invisible and improved invisible creatures.


I'm pretty sure invisibility doesn't affect "forced" spellcasting (using ForceSpell() or similar script actions), but I don't quite remember.

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The "way around it" is using items (or spell triggers, or contingencies, which are also items) unfortunately.


That's what I thought... but I wanted to check before I wasted time doing an ugly workaround for something that could be done more elegantly.

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