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Aha, another BG1 fanfiction. Let us hope it will becomne a trend. ;)


I liked the tale and the way it introduced the past event through character's memories. Great way to introduce comical alongside the serious events. Earth Elemental going wrong was my favorite joke... :)


Style wise, the only thing that tripped my eyes were a few repetions (ie"emerge" twice in a row in the two phrases, elven female and half-elven female back to back, you get the picture.) While in some places it is inavoidable (whistle) in others I think using synonims may improve things.


Enjoyable tale nonetheless - I have not seen anything about halflings since Cliffette has abandoned hers... and it is a pleasent variation. :)

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I always liked Alora myself. I regretted that she was so late in joining in the game.


And yes, I do think this is a good trend as well. In some ways, there is a lot of BG1 fanfiction that can be done, but BG II has kind of overshadowed it.


I won't highlight what Domi has said about the style. But yes, it was still a good read.


*does like the trend that people aren't as afraid to post here as well*

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