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In the next version of BG2 Tweak Pack can Reflection Shield +1 (SHLD24) be added to this component


Invisible Cloak of Mirroring / Spell Trap (Weimer)


Turns off that huge glowing white wiffle ball animation for the ToB Cloak of Mirroring and the Spell Trap spell.


I don't mind it for a temp spell, but always on is too much. Aerie just loves this shield, all thoes archers getting hit by their own arrows while she stands back and casts spells. :)

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I have some questions about this component: if Spell Trap no longer has a visible effect, is there a possibility that the spell will be removed from you (say it wears off or is dispelled) without you realising it, and then you die? Isn't a visible effect actually useful when it comes to important protection spells?


I do know that the One Pixel Productions mod (v2 is the latest version I've tried, so things may've changed since then) has a nice alternative visual effect for the Cloak of Mirroring and Spell Trap, so at least with that you'll know when you are no longer protected.

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