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heavily modded game crashing after dream in Spellhold

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Hey alright, I was able to work it out. :)


Figuring I had little to lose I went ahead and reinstalled Imoen the Bard. Lo and behold (after a first initial crash), I was was able to open the game I had saved (the save I made after uninstalling NMITB)--and there she was as a bard!


I installed only the "Imoen the Bard" component which makes her a vanilla bard, none of the other components.


I'm really happy about this, since my objectives in the current game were to playtest 1) the Wild Mage Additions Spellshaper kit, 2) Hubelpot NPC, and 3) Imoen the Bard. And it would have been a letdown not to try Immy as a bard for this game, I've very much been looking forward to that.

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