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Hello. I'm new to this forum site due to a problem with installing the bg1 npc mod. This is my first time installing easy tutu and I've followed this install order after tutu install; degreen,npc kit, tutu fix, bg1 npc. Of course this follows install of BG1,TotSC,patches,BG2TOB, patches. I was looking over this site last night and noticed cmorgan has worked on this. I attempted an e-mail but couldnt finish. Any help would be appreciated. Just let me know how I can help.

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Message reads: sjould be installed in BG2 folder after tut/bgt conv. Haven't I done this already? The message also reads to e-mail setup-bg1npc-debug file to forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showforums=45. I triedto e-mail cmorgan directly on the G3 site but couldn't figure how to attach the file. Whats next?

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Ah, I've spotted the problem. Your best bet is to ignore the directions.


You are going to want to install BG1 NPC in your Tutu directory. If you are using EasyTutu, you are going to want to install this in your EasyTutu directory, which will likely have the following path


c:\program files\BaldursGateTutu


The easiest thing to do is just copy the download the executable file into that directory (choose the "save" option) and execute setup once you're there. That will extract the mod in your Tutu directory. Then go ahead and install it like any other mod, but when the self-extracting archive goes through it's routine, you're going to have to manually direct it to the right directory using the "browse" button on the installer.


This is legacy code, since BG1 NPC predates EasyTutu. Before that came out, the only choice was to use Tutu v4, which was a total conversion of BG2. Hence, you'd run it in your BG2 directory. Now, only non-English players need to worry about it.


Hope this helped.

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It worked!! BRILLIANT!! I tried to install into easy tutu folder but got the same results. I didn't think installing into BG1 tutu folder would make a difference. Thanks again for your help.

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