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Looks like I have not followed through on a bug report on this mod - somehow, some of the portraits that get moved over to the portrait subdirectory have the original filenams, which are too long. That means you miss out on some of the portraits... temporary fix is to make sure all the names are under 8 letters. What you name them is unimportant, as once they are under 8 letters they can be seen.


A kind soul privately pointed this out, rather than making a splashy statement about someone who could manage to miscode a Portrait mod, for which I am grateful... I fixed it up and set it up, but somehow it never got sent to CamDawg.


(For some reason the code to rename the portraits got cut out, probably because it was silly when a simple edit of filenames could do the trick; the problem was the original unedited portrait folder got placed in the distribution).


I will repair and give this to CamDawg (as soon as he returns from wherever he is).

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