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New music to my game


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Hi I just wanted to ask how to add new mussic to my game. Not that I want to alter romance music or something. I just want to change the battle music, to use some songs that I like a lot such us Shadow of the Colossus' OST.


Don't hesitate on pintpoint me, I'm a little dumb. If I need a program, please provide me its name or even a link.


A lot of thanks in advance.

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in the music dir you will see *.mus files.

A .mus file is a special playlist which plays segments of wavc files, generally in a linear loop order.

Battle music is special, because it can end at many points. When it is about to end, it plays a special ending segment (flagged by @tag).

You'll understand what i'm talking about it you look at music/bd.mus.


The wavc files are special compressed files.


DLTCEP can edit .mus files and can convert normal wav files to .acm or .wavc

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Thanks for answering! I'll download DLTCP and try something with it. I think there is a mod that changes battle music, I believe it is "Return to Trademeet". If I'm not able to do it I'll ask its modder, but thanks anyway.

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