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Zeke & Jaheria Exploit


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I'm running EasyTutu without TOTSC.

I've got BG1NPC, a graphic fix for the Baldur's gate bridge, Herbs & Potions, Finch, Projectile Retrieval, Unfinished Buisness (selected components), Bg2 Tweaks (selected components) and Learn Through Use mods installed.


Anywho, here's the problem and I know it's from BG1NPC.


When I go and talk to Zeke in the Nashkel Carnival, Jaheria interjects and takes the scroll of Stone to Flesh. I use it on Branwen, but since I don't want to pick her up just yet. I leave her standing. Now Zeke who wanted to see if the scroll worked, doesn't realize that Branwen is no longer a statue. He goes back into his first dialog and Jaheria gets another scroll from him.


I assume this may be true with the other joinable npc's who interact with Zeke at this point. I've looked at the files and there are triggers set which should prevent it, but none are set when the scroll is actually gotten. Perhaps it should also be set there. But I will leave you to figure this one out. You know best your own mod....

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darn - yep, we missed this one - I have had this several times myself, and it just seems to keep not getting fixed!


I will have to take a look at it and see if there is a way of easily (and non-destructively) removing Zeke's ability to have that conversation. It is a bit knotty, because EiriktheScald's mod in development (and I am pretty sure Gavin as well) work with the same states. Thanks for reminding me!!!!

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