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Cloakwood musings


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Been playing through all of Cloakwood and mines today, and I noticed a few issues with things, with regard to different components.


First off, with the Cloakwood druids using improved Misc. encounters, I kinda find it odd that the apprentice druids just stick around and do nothing if you if you convince their master to walk off peacefully without a fight. I think it would make more sense if they walked away with their master too, if it's possible to implement.


I provoked Izefia into a fight once, and for some reason his druids didn't attack along with him. Even after whacking him a few times and killing him, the druids just stood there. I only bothered to fight him once, so I don't know whether this is a recurring bug yet.


Also not sure if it's caused by this mod, but for some reason the archdruid deals 3 damage to himself three times when you enter his room.


With regard to Better Calls for Help, do baby wyverns and adult wyverns recognize each other's calls? I tackled the wyvern cave two times (which is pretty much the only place you encounter both of them at the same time), and both times I fought two babies and two adults at the entrance, and there was always a third baby hiding out alone in the southwest corner. Not sure whether the adult wasn't pulling off a call to get it to join the initial battle, or it was out of range for a baby to cry for help, or it was just placed really far away from everybody in the vanilla game.


There's also an issue about calls for help that seems to intrude on the "realisticism" of the Cloakwood mines 3rd level. Right when you enter, there's a battle with several guards and hobgoblins, and this battle seems to attract two other NPCs: the first is a guard from a room to the north, who screams "What are you doing in my room!" before attacking, which ends up sounding nonsensical since he was the one who walked out of it. The second NPC is the guard in the Shrine of Cyric; he ends up walking from the east into the main room, and interrupts the party in the middle of the fight, asking them preach the name of the Dread Lord (In addition, there's a BG1NPC talk here with Yeslick who complains about the desecrating of the shrine, after killing this NPC. However, since the fight didn't occur at the shrine, the player may not have seen the shrine, much less known it existed in the first place, and thus the conversation doesn't make too much sense). Anyway to make those such NPCs NOT respond to calls for help?


In addition, the hobgoblins and humans don't seem to respond to each other either; Natasha's room is full of hobgoblins, but she doesn't respond to their call for help, so I was able to lure and dispatch them all before taking on her alone.


Lastly, the calls for help feature falls flat, almost humourously, for the Improved Davaeorn fight; it turns out you can lure the battle horrors away and kill them before meeting Davaeorn. I ended up finding the two battle horrors to be harder than Davaeorn himself. Not sure what you could correct here; maybe spawn the battle horrors around Davaeorn after his conversation finishes?

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Also not sure if it's caused by this mod, but for some reason the archdruid deals 3 damage to himself three times when you enter his room.


Is he carrying the Root of the Problem club? I think I had an issue with this causing damage when first equipped (I gave it to Jaheira and she took damage). I wasn't sure if the club was added by SCS or BG1 NPC.

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