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I just finished my first playthrough (epilogue)


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Thankfully I had some vacation time to use up, because I was up until 2:00 am beating IWD2.


I was romancing Riz. It was at times uncomfortable, funny, sexy, but overall fun.


I can't imagine what it's like as a modder when you put so much time, effort (and love) into a project and then put it out there..That's why I was hesitant to even comment on the epilogue. It's your vision, you did all of this work, and we all appreciate it (heck, for me, this mod is the only thing that helped me finish the game!).


Obviously, (as Riz is a drow) I didn't expect a simple "and they lived happily ever after." But I was shocked about some things in the epilogue:


1. (and most serious) That the PC killed her father

2. after her father's "untimely" death the only sibling who received a share of the inheritance was the one who supported the PC and Riz. (the rest of the family fled Luskan)


3. PC and Riz turned the underworld to expand their wealth and hoped to become war profiteers. (since the only underworld activities I can think of involve drugs or slavery...)


I always play some version of good character (lawful, chaotic or neutral). As such I can't imagine (no matter how much my PC loved Riz) her doing any of these things.


Therefore, I tried to justify it by saying well this is from Riz's perspective. As a drow, how he sees actions could be slightly skewed. (my justification:)


1. Father became so distressed/angry/upset/enraged over the relationship that he had a heart attack and died.


2. Only one sibling would accept a share of the inheritance. The rest blamed the PC and Riz for the father's heart attack/death. The rest of the family left Luskan after the father's death because it was no longer safe (Luskan's a dangerous place)/it had painful memories/or they wanted to be closer to other family members


3. Err...PC and Riz became mercenaries in the underworld, but didn't work with anything truely evil (no slavery or drugs..maybe spying, assassinating evil warlords etc)..(okay it's a stretch...I can't really think of the anything for this one.)


Here's they type of epilogue I was hoping for (I'll admit I still want the happily ever after).


Family does not accept the relationship. PC and Riz try to build a life in Luskan/Neverwinter but can not find acceptance. So, a la Black Raven Monastery, PC and Riz start a school to teach fighting in some far off edge of Faerun. And of course they have many female children ;)


I'll admit, it's my personal flaw that I don't like unhappy endings. Please know that I loved the mod and thought it was a lot of fun. (as a matter of fact I'm about to replay it right now with Nord, Hildury, Jaemal, Prachi, and Valeero).

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I always play some version of good character (lawful, chaotic or neutral). As such I can't imagine (no matter how much my PC loved Riz) her doing any of these things.


Actually, the epilogues vary depending on your relationship with Riz. You have been corrupted, because you agreed in the last lovetalk to Riz teaching you the drow's way (remember, he is an evil character from a society where killing those who inconvenience you is a norm; be careful with him at all times). If you have rejected his offer, your Epilogue would have been different, there are a number of versions, depending on how strong your relationship is. ;)


P.S: If you did reject Rizdaer's offer of teaching you the drow ways, and still kill your father, I'd like to have a look at your save prior to going into the Epilogues.

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You mean the PC really did murder her father? ;)


I was really hoping it was a heart attack (the shock of the relationship don't ya know)


I do remember a talk near the end and I think I told Riz I wouldn't feel comfortable learning drow ways, and then he mentioned he was worried about me. Then I replied okay....he said he would give me some tips and let me decide.


Gak! I can't believe I let him turn me evil! ;)



(you're sure my father didn't just happen to die at that particuar moment?) ;)

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Hey, I'm not going to say no, to any way you chose to interpret it, I'm just saying that the Epilogues are PC-choices dependent and you've seen something else if you followed a different path. ;)

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