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BG1NPC Internal Beta


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I don't know if it causes an issue in the game but I noticed something during re-installation (in trying to solve crashes due to my party ai script, I had to uninstall everything). Xan's romance timers. Option 1 states that it is for the standard one hour, but when it starts to install it states that it is the 15 minute version. I know this could just be as simple as pointing to the wrong tra string, but I didn't know if it was actually the 1 hour version or the 15 minute. So, I figured I should report it and let you guys know that it needs to be looked at. I don't know about the other options. I didn't feel like uninstalling and re-installing the component several times.

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Thank you! The numbers work correctly, but the text displayed is wrong, because i messed up a manual .tra paste when building a new setup.tra.


I will make sure it gets fixed. It actually does set them correctly, at 1=60min, 2=45, 3=30,4=15,5=90


For modder's interests, it uses a gtimes.ids entry to allow scripts to be used with the following format:






gtimes.ids includes




with the only fallout being that NI and DLTCEP indicate one of the gtimes.ids entries instead of the actual value.


Another way to do this would be to simply SPRINT the value and EVALUATE_BUFFER, but this way seems clean and effective.

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