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ModKit remover failure

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I've been using the ModKit Remover( as well as TDD-Remover at other times) - they both work fine as regards removing The Darkest Day(ie non-Bioware) kits. The trouble is that, after installing the Darkest Day, and using ModKIt remover(or TDd remover) to get rid of those TDD kits, I then tried to install Region of Terror mod, but it wrongly assumed that I still had the Darkest Day Mod-kits installed, so that it refused to install the Region of Terror kits. Now, of course, I can just get this sorted out by installing Region of Terror mod with its kits , first - but it would be nice to correct this issue(and also be able to remove specific, individual kits, one at a time, rather than a whole group of them at a time).





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The TDD kits are still actually installed--all the mod kit remover really does is remove them from the kit selection screen at character generation so you can select different kits. I'd send a note to the RoT author about it.


I'm sure you can also look through the RoT tp2 and remove the line preventing their installation--I don't have it handy, otherwise I'd take a look for you.

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