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TUTU Times tweak


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In BG2, day and night works fine. 6-7am: sunrise, day starts. 20pm - sunset. 21pm - night, and so on. It is light at midday, it is dark at midnight - everything is clear.


In (Easy)TUTU, though, the game starts at midnight(Day 0, Hour 0), and it's day. And night stretches from 16pm to 0am, approximately. With romances, time-of-day-related talks and shifted sunsets/nights, it confuses me to no end; besides, it does not seem to be very logical.


My suggestion is: perhaps a tweak, so that the game either starts at real midnight(dark), or that daylight remains, but it's 7am?


(I'd offer it for EasyTUTU, but in no way am I going to go through the process of conversion once again just for this.)


Or is it hardcoded?

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