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CTD problem with Imoen


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I am having a problem with Imoen's dialogues. The specific one is where the main character notices that she is perusing Tarnash's spell book. Dynaheir makes a comment and I believe Imoen should respond but instead I get a crash to desktop. This is repeatable and happens when I load the same save. I'm not far into the game, just at the gnoll stronghold.


I had a few (one or two) instances ealier where the mod could not find a dialogue response for Imoen but there were no crashes so I let it go.


I have easytutu and the bg1npc mod installed and that is about it. I think the only other one is the de-greenifier. Can I fix this without a reinstall? Even though I am not far along I'd really rather not have to start over again if I can help it.

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Could you please zip or .rar a save and send it to me at svowles at comcast dot net? I believe we have fixed this problem, but I want to track *how* it is happening - three people over 1 year have ended up with Imoen going MIA in the Beta3 code. We have recoded the whole project, and I can return with either a fix or if it is not possible a link to the internal pre-release, which has yet to evidence this problem...

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Got it - investigating.


OK, good news and OK news. I think I know what the problem is, but I am not completely sure. Really good news first: using your save on the latest internal beta works great. I am not completely sure that everything would work completely perfectly, but I think it would - you would have a bunch of back Imoen talks to go through, because they are set up a little differently, but I think that if you separate out your save, uninstall BG1 NPC, and install the newest internal, I am pretty sure everything will go on working well.


The problem that you have encountered with Imoen is tricker to diagnose. I don't know why she would not have registerer earlier, but in the quicksave you sent, Minsc is dead. Through a coding loophole, some banters in the released Beta do not have all of the appropriate checks for state. That means Minsc's not being avainlable is crashing the dialogue. I still can't figure out what is stopping Imoen from being recognised, but I am happy that it appears the internal recode seems to have fixed whatever it is that was going wrong.


I am sending the link via your email address!

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If it helps at all, the times where it mentioned that there was no reply found for Imoen were fairly early on. One was in the Friendly Arms Inn and I am fairly certain I had the pc, Jaheira, Khalid, Imoen, Montaron and Xvar in the party. I don't have a save that goes that far back, though.


If it would help you figure things out I can start a new game and see if I can replicate the same problem before I try the new version you sent a link to. I am guessing the same problem would show up pretty quickly if it was going to do so.


Actually, just checked my email and I don't have a message from you there. If you sent it already could you give it another try? Thanks.

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The problem can appear the first night at an inn, with that party combination. The talk between Imoen and Xzar was one of the first ones I found where the trigger conditions in the script and the trigger conditions in the dialogue didn't match, which resulted in a possible CTD that first time they rested.


You'd be better off with that link cmorgan sent, really.

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Well, things seem to be working now. The quicksave still had an issue - the game crashed every time I tried to rest although it seemed all right otherwise. I had an autosave that was also very recent and that one seems to work fine with this version. I've had no problems so far with Imoen or anyone else. Thanks!

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