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Horrid Wilting killing liches...

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Alright. This post is about more spell weirdness in which Cam and Memnoch discussed about Liches being killed with Horrid Wilting.


Opinions from some biologist Memnoch knows (pardon my lack of words in english, maybe I'll write something very confusing):


* When someone dies it becomes food for bacteria.

* Instead of using oxygen to combust use water.

* H2O --> CO2 ... CH4 and other gases.

* This without counting the normal evaporation.

* In standard conditions, bacteria can utilize all the corpses water in a matter of days.

* This would also apply for mummies and skeletons... and, well, a lich roaming around for hundreds of years...



So... uhm yeah. :cry:

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I'd be interested in a biologist's explanation for corpses the walk around and summon Pit Fiends, whether or not those corpses are permanently anhydrous within a few days :cry:


Perhaps the real question would be how much weight to place on the word "living" in the description, whether to include fire elementals as living, whether fire elementals are really made of Caesium in water and thereby dessicatable....


It might be better to write this one off as "PHB cut and paste didn't match House Rules" and leave it alone.

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