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Familiar issues

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1)My familiar is screwed. I have it in my inventory and if I ever release it it appears in the 'world' but I can't select it. I can talk to it and put it back in my inventory but I can't move it or anything. Also I can leave it in whatever area it is in and come back to it later. It does have a green ring showing its in my party but it wont move!



The problem persisted with Fixpack installed.

Issue or not?

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It's not something I've ever seen (it sounds like the familiar's allegiance has changed). Methinks killing the familiar and summoning a new one would fix it, but without knowing if the user has any additional mods installed, there's no way to know where this behavior is coming from or that it won't just happen again (I see they had the latest patch, which would have been my first and probably only suggestion).


Probably just a bad mod or a glitched save, unless somebody has seen this before.

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Guest Cryingwolf86

I will confirm that issue, and it is not caused by a mod. I have just recently started playing again.. but when I played BG2 (un-modded) years ago I would come across this problem every game... almost always around mindflayers but in other areas too. It would happen after I loaded a game. Even if I opened an older save the same thing would sometimes happen. The only real solution I could come up with was to kill the familiar, save, then using the editor erase the penalties added from the familiar's death, and give my self a familiar scroll. I don't see this as cheating, but as a bug fix.


Yes .. I see this topic is a few years old... but I thought I would add my 2 cents.. seeing as how I could never find a real solution to this problem.

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