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Question about selune clerics


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Alignment has nothing to do with the domains a deity has. But this is a valid question since Selûne's domains are chaos, good, moon, protection and travel.


Oh dear, I feel another debate coming on...

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Heh, this isn't 3rd edition - "domains" don't exist :suspect:. 2nd edition priests of Selune (Silverstars) don't have access to the sphere of chaos.


However, in the country of Durpar people apparently worship Selune as Lucha, and it's possible priests of Lucha do have access to this sphere. I say it's possible because there's a typo in F&A - the sphere of charm is listed in both major and minor access, so perhaps one of these is actually supposed to be chaos.

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This is what I have to say about 2E: :suspect::)


But maybe I should keep my mouth shut. In looking through F&P, I noticed that it appears that Selûne doesn't have access to healing.

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