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I think I've broken something

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I've encountered a very strange problem in my BG2 game. For some reason, merchants and temples won't open, I can ask for the services, and the dialouge will exit, but nothing will happen.

Also, some NPCs don't give items that I need, meaning I have to clua them in (The genies' flask for example), the screen sometimes goes black for a bit, and the cutscenes often delay.


I have no idea what's causing this, I assume it could be one of the more recent mods I've installed, but having uninstalled and installed a clean ,patched install again, I'm not so sure.


The mods I suspect, ie, the ones I installed just before I first encountered the problem, are Romantic Encounters (all but Anomen/ Jaheira etc reations), Auren Aseph v4, and Ease of Use (components 1,2,3,4,5,78,10,11,12,13,14,15,17,18,20,21,22). I can't post a weidu log, sorry, I have BG" installed on a computer without internet access :p


Can anyone think of any reasons that this might be happening?

I hope it is a mod, but it could be my own computer, which has contrcted a bizarre virus from a disc, which disables any program/ phrase which could damage it in any way. It has disable my anti virus software, and won't open any batch file or any editor/toolkit and won't open documents with certain phrases.


If it's my PC, I'll get the hard disc wiped (losing a lot of files, including the little I've done for the Dynaheir mod ???).


Thanks, and apologies for the length :)

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