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No kit for Viconia in 084

Buck Naked

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Battleguards can't put proficiencies in missile weapons, but they can still use them. Just not very well. That's intentional.

Even cavaliers and kensai still get to use axes and daggers. Battleguards lose all possibility of missile combat (are you telling me I can still equip a Battleguard with a sling, she just takes a penalty to hit because she can't put the first star there, or do you mean she can't even equip a sling any more than she could a bow or crossbow) in exchange for two stars in cleric melee weapons, and IMHO it's just not a fair exchange. Now, I'm not arguing to balance it out by letting her put three or more stars in melee weapons -- heck, if you want a cleric with weapon specialization, then multi-class with fighter -- but there must be a better way to give Battleguards a more unique combat enhancement. ;)

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