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No kit for Viconia in 084

Buck Naked

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Wasn't there a problem with the Shar kit for Viconia component actually checking for the Selune kit component rather than the Shar kit, or something like that?


Edit: just checked, and it looks like I'm right ;). Also, the Tempus kit for Branwen component checks for the Shar kit for Viconia component, instead of the Battleguard of Tempus component.


Component 0: Cleric Remix

Component 1: Disable TDD/BP Cleric Kits (requires component 0)

Component 2: Silverstar of Selune (requires component 0)

Component 3: Nightcloak of Shar (requires component 0)

Component 4: Shar kit for Viconia (requires component 2)

Component 5: Battleguard of Tempus (requires component 0)

Component 6: Tempus kit for Branwen (requires component 4)

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Okay, I guess I figured that since Remix was also supposed to work with vanilla BG2 (and without Tutu), that it wouldn't make any difference installing it first. :D


I think I might just wait until Remix gets past beta, and maybe wait for the next BG1NPC release, as well as either the next Tutu release or the next Tutufix release, since they each seem to have problems that take away from the enjoyment of being able to play BG1 differently (NPC bugs, new items not working as described, etc.).


Thanks anyway! ;)


EDIT: Okay, reinstalled Remix, now Viconia has her kit! ;)


Question, though: according to kit description, Battleguards of Tempus cannot put any points into missile weapons (which would mean only slings for clerics), which means they can only use melees weapons, and no cleric melee weapon also has a missile component (like daggers and axes). But in a game saved before reinstalling Remix, I recruited Branwen, and while she had her kit, she also had one point in hammers and one point in slings. I'll have to check again now after the reinstall to see if she will still have sling when I recruit her anew in another game. If so, possible bug...?

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Heh, no, that's just Branwen. We didn't alter her proficiencies, we probably should. ;) Thanks for pointing this out!


Battleguards can't put proficiencies in missile weapons, but they can still use them. Just not very well. That's intentional.

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Heh, well, we need to fix the spell memorisation issue. Or really, work out why it's happening. ;)


We're also planning 1 kit per alignment for the main release, so that's Xvim, Ilmater and Kossuth left. ;) Might chuck in Oghma too...

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