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Looking for someone to test the Amber interjections!

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Thanks to SConrad, the Amber interjections are now working, but we need someone to test them with the following NPCS:

  • Auren
  • Keto
  • Kivan
  • Kelsey

It would be greatly appreciated! ;) Just send me a PM and I'll send you the beta. ;)

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Got beta 6, and, um, an installation error to boot. This topic probably wouldn't be the best place to post it, though, so I'll e-mail you my Weidu.log and my debug file - see if I'm doing anything wrong.



EDIT: done. By the way, I noticed that if interjections do not install, the whole component of Crossmod-SoA doesn't install. Since interjections are tricky(well, tricki-er then banters, I guess), maybe separating the two into separate components might work? Then, if interjections do not install for any reason, banters still do.

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