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Question about crashing in the middle of mod installing


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I know about having to remove Weidu.lock to resume Weidu installation features, but I'm more wondering about the "nature" of how mods work.


If for some reason I'm installing a mod, and the computer crashes in the middle of the install, would the game still work if I reinstall the mod? Or could the install of the base game be potentially screwed up and require having to make a new clean install?

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I guess weidu creates temporary files while patching, so it won't corrupt files.

Most of the rest of the inconsistencies will be fixed by a reinstall.

Some failures won't cause visible problems (like a repeated symbol in an ids file).

But still, there is a chance that something is screwed totally.

But normally, computers don't crash while doing a weidu install, the install could be botched or buggy, but it is not going to be a random event, weidu is better than that ;)

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