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Kit proposal


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I'm working on a kit concept, and I want to have the kitting occur in-game due to engine restrictions and kit implementation philosophy. What I'm looking for is some sort of contact with a highish level good outsider (Aasimon, Eladin, Guardianal, Archon, or other powerful good outsider that could be a representative of the forces of good). There's the obvious Solar meeting in the Pocket Plane during ToB, and I don't object to having the kitting occur later in the game if it makes sense from a story perspective, but I would prefer something a little earlier. Besides, the pocket plane solar seems to be fairly neutral and acting as a wide-ranging representative, not just of the goodly alignments.


So, if anyone has any suggestions for a good place to encounter a powerful good outsider, either in the game or where one would fit to be added I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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