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Coran's Romance


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I'd like to follow Jolyth and Tameon's example and put out a bit of dialogue for a preview. Please let me know what you think. I'd add the preview for all 5 paths as soon as I am satisfied with the way they sound   ;)


Coran's Romance for BG1


The general info about the romance:


1) Coran’s age is of no relevance, but his year of birth is mentioned in one of the talks as a joke. He is slightly over 200.

2) Coran is an elf, from the Forest of Tethir, and a devoted worshiper of Hanali Celanil (and maybe I will even learn to spell her name properly...)

3) Coran will court any female (existing 2+5+1 talks) but will romance elven, human, half-elven females only.

4) Coran will not romance Lawful Evil Aligned females

5) Coran comes in two different alignments - CG and CN. To make him CN you’d have to talk him out of taking care of the baby. It will change his banters with NPC and lend you into Branch IV of the romance.

6) There are 5 brunches of the romance - please see below.

7) It is going to be a short romance since you pick Coran up late in the game

8) There will be 1 pack of repetitive flirts with randomized replies.

9) conflicts: if Safana is in the group Coran will not court PC; as he is the only male romance so far...no conflicts with males so far...but it will be adjusted as we get other male romances devised and started.

10) Romance will depend on Coran’s 1st personal quest, but only alter the 2nd  one insignificantly (if the second one is implemented)

11) Coran’s appearance in BG2 with Safana will not be adequately explained. I guess PC’s Bhaalspawn heritage proved to be too much for the elf and he ran away. No foreshadowing though, unless he naturally breaks up with the PC or romances Safana from the start.

12) You need Rep>10 for all branches but CN

13) You need Charisma > 12 for all branches


Expansion of the existing friendship talks and romance brunches:


Path I: Initial friendship and courtship

Path II: Flirting and romancing CG Coran MusicPreview

Path III: “Coran is bored and quick break up brunch†starts at a certain point during Path II MusicPreview

Path IV: “Coran turned CN path†- initiates after Coran turned CN; MusicPreview

Path V: CG Coran who has his baby along MusicPreview


Paths are not separate; for example Path I will mix with all the others, you can be diverted to Path III from Path II and once on Path III there are a couple of opportunities to "rekindle" Coran's interest and return to Path II. Path IV and Path V happens only after Path II. Both Path V and Path IV has 2 different endings depending on character replies.





Heh, I actually never posted Coran's break down...Lol, here it is  ;) The * here means that the talk was drafted. LT1-7 are coded and come with the banter pack already.


Updated: 2004-04-20


Path 1. “Full Good Pathâ€Â


Friendship/with variations for female xpt #3


1 Wyvern Joke *

2 Orc joke *

3 Serenade *

4 Of perfect women *

5 Run-away from home *

6 Adventures are good! *


Romance per-se/female only


7 Kissing game *

8 Flowers *

9 First intimacy ----> branch 2 Short Path*

10 Lute player (Garrik’s talk expansion) *

11 Second intimacy ----> branch 2 Short Path*

12 Biographical talk 1 (Tethyr ancdote) *

13 Biographical talk 2 How Coran has stolen Cattie-Brie's locket*

14 Biographical talk 3 The Whipsting *

15 Three Wishes *

16 Third intimacy (Moon from the Sky)+MA *

17 Cannot see another shore*

18 Promisses*



Path 2. “Short Pathâ€Â


1 Caught my eyes *

2 Fourth intimacy*

3 Who can resist a new dream*

4 Break up -1*


Path 3. “Chaotic Neutral path†(revised Path 2 w additional talks)


1 Brielbara -1*

2 Half-Elves and Bastards *

3 Caught my eyes *

4 "Surprise" talk *

5 Fun and games* ---> Optional LT B and no LT 6, 7 *

6 Who can resist a new dream * OR LT B

7 Break up -1 *

8 LT B Coran's Monologue *



Path 4: “Baby talksâ€Â


1. Lullaby *

2 Lady Luck *

3 Brielbara-2 *

4 Bring Namara back *

5 Commitment talk *




1. LT A Bhaal-spawn talk (valid for every romance path, happens after PC learns her heritage) *

2. OPTIONAL download: Flirt-Pack - 22 repetitive flirts  and 4 Coran initiated interludes (Rating - R)*

3. LT C *

4. Romance reactions: all NPCs w the exception of Garrick, Quayle, Safana and Tiax





Preview: Path I; Friendship/courtship


PC_3 (At rest, PC=Female, No Safana in the party)


Coran: Sweetling, you look in need of a cheering up. I know a song which a man can sing to his adventuring companion should she happen to be a fair lady and in need of a smile… care to listen, <CHARNAME>?

Garrick (if in the group): My, a song like that is always good to know!  Sing on, Coran!  Now, uh, where's my notebook...

Eldoth (if in the group): You better sing to her that the scars she got the other day do not show all that much.  That will cheer her up.

With the way our misadventure is going, a requiem is more in order.


1) First, I do not require cheering up.  Second, I am no sweetling for the likes of you, and third, I can read you like a book!  So I tell you outright: abandon every hope of getting into my bedroll.

2) Yes… the light entertainment would be timely indeed.

3) You can sing?


Coran (reply to 1) Ah, I shall hope as long as I draw breath.  But you are mistaking my motives, my Lady.  It is only a humorous song, nothing bawdy or indecent.


4) Well, keep breathing but stop hoping.

5) Very well, let us hear that song of yours.


Coran (reply to 3): Most elves can sing quite pleasantly.  And do you know, my dear Lady, when elven voices sound the most suave?


6) No, when?

7) After love, of course.

8) I am not really interested in talking about it.  Now, leave me be and quit looking at me with those wanton eyes of yours!


Coran (reply to 2/5/10/11/12/14/15)

For fortnight we’re fighting goblins

In the forest and in the swamp

We’re soaked through to the bone

What would you do? That’s our job.

For fortnight, we saw no towns

We grew wild, hungry, and crude

Yesterday three gnomes drowned

And the fourth one went into soup.


Quayle (if in the group): Three gnomes drowned and fourth one went into soup?  Now *that* doesn't sound very likely.  Personally, I'd suggest dwarves - they are mentally inferior to my kind, after all, and utterly lacking personal hygiene...

Coran: Not a single word more about gnomes, Master Quayle, I promise you.


Chewing endlessly dry pine needles

For breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner

I’m looking at you, and thinking: “My dear,

What in the Hells are you doing here?â€Â

You, my precious lady, are fair of face,

You are gentler than winds of Kythorn

You should honor the kings with your grace

Not adventure with we vagabonds.



17) That was a good song, Coran.  Thank you!

18) Bah!  I will have you know that I will adventure as much as I want!  And “precious,†indeed… I do not care at all for such “romance.â€Â

19) Coran, it is very sweet of you to compliment me, but you are mistaken.  I am as much a vagabond as yourself and the others.


Coran (reply to 17): Your smile is a wonderful sight and the dearest reward for a singer.  Have pleasant dreams, <CHARNAME>. (end dialogues)


Coran (reply to 18/19): I know that my Lady is a mighty adventurer, not a porcelain statuette from Shou.  Yet I have noticed rare beauty in my lady, as well as other virtues.  Do not be too shy to shine, <CHARNAME>.  You are well set to take any man’s heart.


Coran (reply to 4/8/11/13): A beautiful lady without mercy.  A rare type to meet, and so enticing.  A man can be in love with such a lady for his entire life. (end dialogue)


Coran (reply to 6) After love, my dear Lady.  But I assure you, that my voice is good enough as is.


9) Let me judge for myself.  I will hear your song now.

10) Maybe I shall test how true this statement is one of these days.  Will you sing the song though, so I can compare?

11) Coran, I will never fall for your doubtful charms.  Now, leave me be!



Coran (reply to 7): Indeed.  I see that you have adequate knowledge of elven ways.


12) (if an Elf): I am an elf, Coran, just like you. *Wink* Perhaps one day we can make a fine duet!  I will gladly hear your song now... to have a point of comparison.

13) (if an Elf): Coran, I am an elf myself!  But I will not fall for your cheap tricks.  If you and I were the last two elves in the world, and the survival of our kind depended on it, then and only then would I have considered you seriously as a mate.

14) No, but I have heard you saying it to almost every woman in the childbearing age we have met.  But go ahead, give your song.

15) A guess, nothing more.  Everyone sings better after love. *Wink* Perhaps one day we can make a fine duet!  I will gladly hear your song now... to have a point of comparison.

16) Coran, I do not want to discuss anything with you.  I do not want to hear your singing, either.


Coran (reply to 16): <CHARNAME>, <CHARNAME>, I hope that one of those day you shall abandon your scowl for a smile.  It would suit you nicely. (End dialogue)





Preview: Path II (CG Coran falling for the PC in a relatively serious way, but you do not have to believe *everything* he is saying  :D )


LT_8 Flowers (At waking)



Coran: Wake up, beautiful... My, did I startle you? I am Coran, your companion and...oh! The flowers, right?


Coran:  I’ve dreamt a dream that I met the twelve months who took on the form of elvenkind. They sat together by a campfire and when they saw me they have asked what I was doing. And I said: “I am looking for a flower for the lady of my heart.â€Â


Coran: Before I knew it each of them offered me a flower, except for Hammer. He gave me a birch branch crusted with ice... Severe on the surface, but gentle at heart Alturiak gave me a snowdrop and inconstant Chess presented you with a violet. Mild Tarsakh produced a daffodil, and Mirtul sent his kind regards and this lilly of the valley...



1) Coran, did you break into a wizard’s garden?

2) The ice...why does it not melt from the branch?!?

3) *Sigh and allow Coran to continue his recital*

4) But you do HAVE the flowers! I thought you said it was a dream!


Coran (reply to 1): I am glad that you think me skilled enough to steal from wizards in my sleep, but alas, I did not. Do you want to know what happened, or do you want just to take the flowers and kiss me?

Coran (reply to 2/4): I am coming to that. So, do you want to know what happened, or do you want just to take the flowers and kiss me?


5) (If Minsc in the party): Well, Boo is running out of food and bathroom shreds... That will likely serve both purposes. Do you prefer to give that...that broom directly to Minsc, or should I serve as a middle-woman?

6) The story, Coran, the story! I will not interrupt again...well, I try not to.

7) To tell you the truth, I am growing tired of you stories. The flowers will suffice.

8) Three kisses if you shut up and throw away the assorted flora you are waving under my nose!


Coran (reply to 3/6/18):

Coran: Generous Kythorn gifted you with a peony, and from passionate Flamerule I received a daisy. Splendid Elasias asked me to give you this aster. Eleint suited his proud temper with a gladiolus and Marpenoth conjured a dahlia out of the last warm rays of the sun. Uktar furrowed his brow, when he saw what his kin were doing, however, when his turn came he had a chrysanthemum for you. This carnation is from Nigtal.


9) Coran, the truth is that you broke into a wizard’s garden, did not you? If so, you better confess now, for we need to prepare to a great battle then. Fearsome is a gardener’s fury, and listen to reason he does not.

10) Coran, the ice on the birch branch....it does not melt!

11) Right. Nigtal gave me a carnation. And?


Coran (reply to 9): You think I would dare to invoke such a peril on my sweet <CHARNAME>? No, I did not rob a magical garden, nor did I sneak away to Everemeet... I simply reveried and then woke and thought: what a dream! And then I realized that I was standing with my hands full of flowers, the very same ones I got in the dream for you. Imagine that! One flower for each month in a season! Being an elf has its inconveniences, sweetling. Random magical occurrences with unknown consequences...and such other things.


Coran (reply to 10): Because it’s magical, sweetling. I doubt that these flowers will wither... You see, after I woke, I thought: what a dream! And then I realized that I was standing with my hands full of flowers, the very same ones I got in the dream for you. Imagine that! One flower for each month in a season! Being an elf has its inconveniences, sweetling. Random magical occurrences with unknown consequences...and such other things.


Coran (reply to 11): I woke and I thought: what a dream! And then I saw that I stand with my hands full of flowers, the very same ones I got in the dream for you. Imagine that! One flower for each month in a season! Being an elf has its inconveniences, sweetling. Random magical occurrences with unknown consequences...and such other things.


12) Do you often...erm...walk in your reverie?

13) Oh...Wow...Ah!...Uhm...

14) You...you brought me flowers from the twelve months? Oh, Coran, why could not you just go with red roses like every other man? That would have been “I love you†as clear as it was written at every petal! Now I do not know *what* to think!

15) Thank you! Oh, thank you! These are wonderful!


Coran (reply to 5): I’d give the flowers to Boo, but I am afraid that Minsc might get jealous. So it will have to be you.


16) Boo! Boo! See what <CHARNAME> has for you?

17) I...I reconsidered. I’ll hang onto them.

18) I just came to realize that Boo’s bowel movements are not the most important thing in the world for me. Tell me the rest of the tale, Coran.


Coran (reply to 7/17): I did get these flowers from the twelve months, <CHARNAME>. I think they will never wither...not exactly my kind of a thing, but here they are. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 8): You are the most amazing woman, my sweet! Come kiss me, and let us forget about silly magical flowers. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 12): There is the first time for everything. You are a bad influence on me sweetling. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 13): Exactly. That makes two of us incapable to speak coherently when confronted by a bunch of magical flowers. I think they will never wither...not exactly my kind of a thing, but here they are. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 14): Well, sweetling, I wandering in a dream looking for flowers for you in the oddest of places... Does not that convey the same gentle message as the rose petals? Those flowers will never wither too, I think...but do not jump to conclusions on that account! (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 15): I take it you like them...and me... (end dialogue)


Coran (reply to 16): Yes, Boo, see what <CHARNAME> has for you. Go ahead with your morning deposit and make it a good one! (End dialogue)





Preview: Path IV - Chaotic-Neutral Coran. This is a raw scetch of the talk, and it definetly needs editing, but i wanted to show the voice now, in hope for comments and suggestions. I am not talented enough to produce anything truly scandaleous for this time and age, but I will do my best. The Path will be quite saturated with the blunt mockery of traditional values. If you find it offensive, please, consider that this particular part of the romance is geared toward a more predatory, more egoistical and more cynical female PC, and there is a much kinder path as an alternative




Coran: The most amusing thing it was that Briel actually believed that I will have her back, the moment she presented me, with her babe. *Sighs* Some people just cannot let go.


1) *Wink* So, luck does not always side with the romantic?

2) She might not have been willing to let you go, but from the way she looked, she did let *herself* go. Ewww... I’d never listen to anyone who says that maternity embellishes a woman!

3) You, definitely, taught her how, Coran. Now, let us talk of *me*.

4) Do not you speak to me about *that* woman and your get, or I’ll ship you back to them. Gift-wrapped.


Coran (reply to 1): It does, for <CHARNAME> was there to talk me out of madness, that I contemplated for a moment. *Kiss*


5) I was not going to lose you to this...sorceress.

6) You can always return and enjoy the quiet life of a husband and a father. The way Briel looks, she will have a tough time finding a man willing to wed her.

7) *Kiss* The matter is hardly worth you thinking on it, my love.

8) You almost disappointed me with your sudden outbreak of “I must do my duty†disease. I thought you to be more elevated above banal, than that.


Coran (reply to 2): Eww...no. Pregnancy sometimes does. But the most striking change of all comes sometimes to an old maid, rewarding her for succumbing to temptation, she rejected sternly afore.


9) Indeed, I have heard of that. Men are not so lucky. So many lose all their attractiveness after the first freshness of youth withers away under the winds of time.

10) (if not intimate): A subtle hint, I see. *Smile wantonly*  I will let you to find it out on your own if I am a spinster or not.

11) (if not intimate): And tell me, Coran, why do you deserve a gift of my maidenhead?

12) Fascinating. But hardly worth wasting more time on debating it.

13) Coran, what you say sometimes makes me suspect that you yourself are a virgin.


Coran (reply to 4): Gift wrapped? *Grins*  It is always pleasing when your woman is ready to go into all sort of troubles to make you presentable. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 5): Quite clever, my darling, quite clever. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 6): Sweetling, I think that if I ever have such a desire, it will be long after both Briel and the bastard are dead of old age. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 7): Anything, that prompts you to kiss me, is worth thinking of. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 8): So did I, but no matter how one sweeps his house, the spiders weave the sticky nets of “you must†in the corners.


14) I will help you to kill the spiders, Coran.

15) Fascinating. But hardly worth wasting more time on debating it.

16) I am happy that you have dodged the webs.


Coran (reply to 9): Ah, but you do not have to worry about it with me. My youthfulness is going to last for a few centuries yet.


17) It will, no doubt, last longer than my infatuation with you.

18) (if an elf): Ah, but I still will be young and beautiful when the weariness of the world will seize you.

19) (if not an elf) That is why I always wanted an elven lover.

20) Fascinating. But hardly worth wasting more time on debating it.


Coran (reply to 10): I am a devoted seeker of truth in that matter. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 11): Because I am handsome, gentle and will never try to collar you with your gift.


21) So you say now, but as we have just learned, you have an unfortunate habit of leaving young sprouts in your wake. 

22) I will think on what you have said.

23) Fascinating. But hardly worth wasting more time on debating it.


Coran (reply to 12/15/20/23): I rarely speak to myself, for the fear of convincing myself to do something risque, so I will follow your example and remain silent. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 13): And you know perfectly well, that it is not true. Thus, you know that your mind is a liar. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 14/22): Thank you, darling (end dialogue)


Coran (reply to 16): And so am I. (End dialogue)


Coran (reply to 17): No doubt at all. (End dialogue)

Coran (reply to 18): *Shrug* I will not tarry overly long on this Plane. Certainly not long enough to allow the weariness to quell my spirit. (End dialogue)

Coran (reply to 19): You have an exceptionally good taste, m’lady.

Coran (reply to 21): I assure you, that I found it quite suspicious. I know how to brew Cassil herb better than any druid. (End dialogue)

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Heh, some small changes to the plan - I added an option of a less conclusive ending to CN Coran's romance and reshuffled the talks a bit. If anyone is interested  ;) please see the updated breakdown in the post#2.  Heh, now it's pretty much only 4 baby-related talks left for me to write, 1 CN talk and


a FLIRTPACK... *shudders*  :ph34r:


I will be greatful for any ideas (It has to be repetious flirts only)





YEAH! I am done with all the talks for Coran's Romance - in total there are 33 in all 5 branches.  :lol: The flirt-pack is half-done, and I guess, I can code the romance in, once the proof-readers catch up with me and we debugg the banter pack  -_-





I just wanted to say thank you again to Volly, Cybersquirt, Sgath and Helseth for sticking with the proofreading of the whole thing and helping out with lore, grammar, loops and Elvish. Big thanks to Hendryk for the ideas and sketches of the NPC's reactions to the romance. :)







I think I am officially done with writting of everything I could possibly think of - a couple more NPC reaction dialogues might be coming from Andyr, but overall I think, the romace is completed. So, a BG1 romance can be done in 4 month of writting.







Added the previews of the musical clips for different romance paths - please see the first post in the thread.  :)







If PC manages to seduce Kivan, a 1 heated dialogue w Coran&Kivan is going to happen. ;)  Uhm... how long it's going to be before I'll end up with Kivan's romance illegaly seeping into the game? Bren, you are a very dangerous influence. :D

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I figured this needs to be returned to the first page, because finally I got someone wondering why Coran's romance ends up suddenly :cry: The answer is - coast him for as long as you can if you want to have your PC to have more than quick flirt relationship with him.

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