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Nintendo DS Port


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I am a programmer interested in porting Infinity Engine to Nintendo DS


System information



Two processors - ARM7 and ARM9

4MB Onboard RAM

OpenGL implemented in hardware


Can someone please contact me via email (Rufus.Thorne@googlemail.com) and let me know if there are any plans to port to this platform. I think it is just what the homebrew community needs!! I will help in any way i can. Excuse my poor english.




Rufus Thorne

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Do you have OpenAL on that platform?

What about Python?


Python is very portable and is trivial to cross-compile to the Nintendo DS. I ported Stackless Python to the DS and the only difficulty came from writing the custom assembler code which Stackless requires to do its stack switching.




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There's absolutely no way a straight port is going to work in the cramped memory of the DS.


The unreleased Baldur's Gate for Playstation 1 shows that it is hypothetically possible to cram an Infinity-esque engine into a very, very memory-constrained environment (the PSX having even less RAM than the DS), but it's also very clear from the in-game videos of that game that the PSX version was in no way a straight port of the engine and relied heavily on swapping data in and out. You would end up doing so much rejiggering that you would probably be better off trying to code up an Infinity-alike from scratch--and even then, you're targeting the wrong platform with that kind of an engine.

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